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*pokes LIFE*
I demand entertainment. ARGH. Waiting for a beta is HARD.

Things that are interesting to me today:

  • New word: pseuicide. Ha ha ha! Now you have a name for when you see a line through someone's LJ one day, and then they come back.

  • Adding an "evennnn" a la Paul Lynde makes everything funny.

  • Even though I think he's a prick, I'm waiting for Kanye West's album to come OUT because it is soo goood.

  • There is a baby hummingbird fluttering outside my office window, drinking from my bat-face cuphea.

  • John Irving is verbose, but with a point. I want to be like that.

  • There is a new bunny flick. Wheee! Dammit, Janet!

Also, I forgot to mention that while I was in NYC, with my MiL here (the one who hates me) my husband's PORN DVDS arrived. Ha ha ha! Who's the bad one? For the poshcatRECORD they were Girls Gone Wild. And were only tolerable on fast forward. With the exception of a muff-diving incident between two complete strangers. WOW. Yes, I am a mother. Why do you ask?


celebs_on_crack has stolen my LIFE. This is good. Some characters aren't so great, some are HILARIOUS. And I LOVE that Ewan calls Hayden "petal." Best. Nickname. Ever.

Anyone know how they make the LJ Username be whatever word they want, but have it link to someone's userinfo? I've been trying to figure that one out until I feel stoopid... GOT IT!

[ETA} Because I TOTALLY FORGOT. Which should be a clue. Saw The Island last night. Three words: NOT ENOUGH SEX. But. Ewan is so flipping FIT. He should wear tracksuits all the time. It could have been good. If... Spielberg got it? Woulda been good. And, um, no, I haven't been spending a lot of free time reading everything at island_sex. Ahem. I love heeem so much...
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