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WHERE IS EVERYONE?? Isn't it too hot to be anywhere but inside entertaining me? Or, um, was it bad? Mary Sue-ish? I can take it. Big girl with metaphorically thick skin. Literally, it's glowy and tan, like rich caramel and silk. Hee. But if it was, I'd rather know. Really!

5 people? 5 PEOPLE?? [/greedy]

*shakes computer vigorously to get emails in inbox*

I. Can. Take. It. Suck? Not interested? WTF? <-- apparently, I have no shame. Well, DUH.

In completely unrelated news, I won an award today. I have no idea what for. Lubed? Yeah. SONG FIC. Runner up. I go drink whiskey now.

[ETA]: In case it isn't clear? I'm being seriousfunny. This is meant for those following E/H fic, not those of you who are deranged into Jossverse/otherverse characters only. :-D
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