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In which I make up a meme

Well, I obviously should NOT be allowed to wax philosophic. Hot weather + waiting for kids to go AWAY + boredom = me talking out of my ass.

I was thinking about this on my walk this morning:
Jobs I've Never Had But I Think I Would Totally Kick Ass At

1) Advertising Slogan Maker-Upper.
2) Good Cop
3) Bad Cop (I'm very versatile)
4) Cruise Director On a Cool Ship, not one with Grandmas
5) OMG Writer on SNL!
6) Fluffer (okay, jobs that I've been PAID for)
7) Professional Party Girl
8) Professional Margarita Drinker (I would kick ASS at this)
9) Avoider
10) Numbered List Maker

Okay, so you can take this to your journal, or do it in the comments. Also, if you are not reading the comm celebs_on_crack (not to be confused with my comm, celeb_letters2u) you need to. It's the perfect break from the wank, angst, blah things going on. Someone is playing Dakota Fanning as an early Drew Barrymore, but angry, and it's hilarious.

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