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*taps screen* Hello?

Yeah. So I've been... gone from here for a spell. But not really. I've been reading, but not commenting much. Busy busy busy. School starting, dr. visits, clothes shopping, and -

Oh, who am I kidding. I'm on the crack. It is so pure and readily available... If you like ANY celebrity, they are making fun of ALL of them. New hot stars and old hasbeens. THE META! THE SMUT! THE HILARITY! I... I can't take my eyes away...

And with all the angst around here lately, I've really needed some tears-down-the-face laughing. Oh, there's angst over there, too, but Whitney Houston! She calls him BOBBAY. And looks for Ajax! And a tax receipt for her drug purchases! Ha ha ha ha!!! And the smut? GOOOOOOOD. *fans self*

On to other topics: two lovely Leos are celebrating their birthdays today: karabair and mirasol, the LJer Formerly Known As Ficbitcabear. (You do realize I have to rewrite that line in Lubed! now, right? ;-D) I ♥ you!!
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