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My Articles of Faith. Ahem.

First off, y'all guessed all the movie quotes except #8: Ha HO, don't hit anybody! That would be Farmer Ted to Jake in Sixteen Candles, right before he drove the Prom Queen home. (I heard the grill alone cost 5 Grand! Do you have 5 grand? I don't have 5 grand! - So don't hit anybody.) My love for Farmer Ted knows no bounds...

crazydiamondsue poked me because I'm not doing anything in the fandom. Well, this is kinda sorta fandom related. Well, most of it.

  • I believe in the deepest part of my soul that babies and toddlers know that Wal-Mart is evil, and THAT is why they FRICKIN' CRY AS SOON AS THEY GET IN THE DOOR. AND DON'T STOP. Until they are safe in their cars moving away from the evil Big-Box.

  • I believe with deepest fervor that if I don't exercise every day, I get in a funk. A funk that can only be repaired by a sunny day and me being in it.

  • I know with a certainty (shush) that Angel and Spike made it. They were broken, bruised, and at dust's door, but they made it.

  • I believe that Angel and Buffy will want each other for the rest of their existence, and will think about each other in some way, every day, such as when Buffy goes shopping and sees a really well-made 3/4 length coat and gets an ice-pick-stab of pain in her chest - but not literally, her reflexes are too good, or when Angel smells freshly baked cookies. And that will make him simultaneously long for her and sneer at her earlier analogy. But they will never be together and that makes me sad, but glad, because it makes the story better.

  • I have conviction that Spike and Buffy will run into each other at some point "on the job" and will be thrilled to see each other, but Buffy will hear about Harmony and make an "ewwww!" face when she hears about the bloody Harmony eyes and will not take it any farther.

  • Except for a few years later when she's hard up and Spike is still pretty and they get drunk reminiscing about old times, and Spike will drink a toast to "Charlie" and Buffy will throw herself on him.

  • She will slink out and leave a note and Spike will swear "never again." This, I believe.

  • I know that if I make myself a plate of nachos with black beans and eye the Cokes in the fridge, I will start my period the next day. In addition, someone in the world is the boss of my menstrual flow and they are fucking it up, and one day I will find them and force menopause on them. We have the technology...

  • I believe that Connor has dreams about his dad. And it's Holtz. And he wakes up feeling more alone than the day before.

  • I believe that Angel has dreams about Connor. And Holtz is the boy's father. And he wakes up feeling more alone than before.

  • I believe FIRMLY that Drusilla will eventually find Connor. And that she will love him. And try to make a new family. And that would be a really kick ass show.

  • I know deep down that the writers were phoning it in on Season 7 of Buffy, because I know they didn't want it to end, but knew it had to, like the rest of us. And I can kind of forgive them, because I know they loved her as much as me.

  • I believe that Wesley sent a lovely floral arrangement to the Burkles and told them about their beloved daughter's brave death. And had that orchestrated to happen on the chance of HIS death, so he wouldn't be blamed in the afterlife when he was reunited with Winnifred.

  • I believe Wesley, in his final moments, had a belief in such a thing. And laughed at himself for it. But still had that last hope.

  • I believe that Faith heard about Joyce's death while cooling her heels in prison and cried when the lights were out.

  • I believe Willow dumped Kennedy eventually and learned to be strong on her own, and to stop defining herself by who she dated. But it took a very long time.

  • I believe I am finished now.

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