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Gonna be a bright (bright) bright (bright) sunshiney day!

*(and the icon is for my own amusement)
Blue skies. And not oppressively hot. This is new for North Texas, recently. Hooray! Kids are having sleepovers this weekend, AWAY, so Mr. S and I will be enjoying a Sci-Fi Friday, by which I mean we will have either a viewing of the crew of the Nostramo (Alien and Aliens), or add a Schwartzenegarian element to the night: Total Recall, or perhaps Terminator. Woot! MAYBE ALL OF THEM.

Maybe not, as my allergies are kicking in and the Tylenol: Sinus knocks me out. But. MOVIES. Hoorah!

Also, I have discovered the recipe for the BEST COCKTAIL EVER. Seriously. I give you:

1 oz. cranberry Vodka
1 oz. Triple Sec
squeeze of a lime wedge
splash of white cranberry juice

Shake with ice, strain into a glass. Slice a strawberry vertically, float on top of cocktail. Pretty and YUMMY. Not so much of a tang as some Cosmos have, also. Sometimes I like tang, sometimes I can't stand it. Heh. I said tang. [/twelve]

In other news, my little sis performed stand-up for the first time last night and kicked booty. Woot! Older sis is kicking butt at her business and getting promotions. Woot! I am still in my robe. Hooray!! But my teeth are brushed. *checks* Crap. Okay, fixing that, then off to the store and out into BLUE SKIES. *grins beatifically at you ALL*
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