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*clangs cup against metal bars*

Okay, I typo'd that subject line to metal bats. Stupid unfamiliar keyboard... IT'S STUPID. The keyboard. It doesn't even know how to boil water or protect itself from rain or predators. Fucking WORM BABIES can do that much.


I'm helping my folks with their garage sale. *crickets* No one SHOULD be surprised that their Baptist neighborhood isn't interested in their Mormon Children's video-tapes. Or their back isses of the LDS magazines. *cough* Sweet folks, my parents... Not, um... Well, they're sweet. Oh, you can pick up some Butterick patterns for HOT jumpsuits from 1976 or mumus from 1975 for only TWO DOLLARS apiece. I suspect they'll sell like hocakes. Okay, I really hate this keyboard now. HOTTTTTTcakes. Although, hocakes are a big seller. Hos gotta eat, too.

Uh... stalker neighbors came by last night. And the husband, he of the EXTREMELY IMPORTANT JOB of Manager of Office Depot regaled me for THIRTY STRAIGHT MINUTES about how hard his job is during school supply season. Because some nit-wit only ordered ONE PALLET of 11x17 construction paper, I mean, can you BELIEVE??? And how they are the ONLY PLACE that sells orange, plastic three-ring binders and.... *snooooze* FUCK. YOU ARE NOT A BRAIN SURGEON!!! Getting an emergency shipment of Mead Composition notebooks is not the same as having Medi-Vac rush you a shipment of O neg when the bombs are coming down like hail. I drank a LOT last night. To numb the PAIN. And he also tried to convince me that "The Butterfly Effect" was a REALLY good movie, and the critics don't know what they are talking about. Um, I'm pretty sure they do. In that case, most especially.

Wow, I'm bitchy this morning! I think I'll spray my ankles with more OFF™ and try to push more Raggedy-Ann coloring books that have only been drawn in a LITTLE BIT for two dollars. A piece. *sigh* Bless their deluded, wishful hearts....

Send coffee. To the sad girl hiding behind shades where the Christians are picketing my folks house for being cultist. Because Joseph Smith coloring books = DVDA porn. Apparently. *sigh*
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