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he looked at me with his cold, dead eyes. Hee! All cute and green and shiny and not wet and covered in mud as the situation... TOO. MUCH. LOCAL. NEWS.

Okay, I surfed LJ for a few hours yesterday and then fell apart AGAIN. It's awful. It's horrible. And I can't listen/read/participate in any more rants, although I don't deny that y'all can carry on. My kids' school is taking turns driving moms and dads down to the Reunion Arena (Dallas isn't getting any press, but we've been taking people in since yesterday morning, and knew the Astrodome folks would be spilling over here) to help out in anyway we are needed.

For those of you in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area: CLEAN and NEW clothes (especially socks in ALL sizes, underwear in ALL sizes) flip-flops, DIAPERS, wipes, ASPRIN, BANDAGES... any of that stuff will be accepted at the Red Cross site on Harry Hines and Shorecrest by the Convention Center. You'll see the cars lined up. Don't turn away though!! Some local musicians are playing today to keep the crowds happy.

ALSO: (and this is my favorite because I can DO THIS, yo) the Master Gardeners are harvesting all of their project gardens (and personal gardens) and are taking civilians' garden goods and donating them to the refugee camps downtown. FRESH FOOD. If you live in Maine or Seattle, you can still contribute this way to your local county extension office: call and ask for the horticulture dept. or the Master Gardeners association. They should have drop off info. Most of the south's fruit and vegetables are grown along the coast! Naturally, they have been devastated. Food is essential, obviously. If you have qualms about donations actually GETTING to the people through SA or the Red Cross, this is a direct way to contribute.

AHH! you can also donate flashlights, batteries, sleeping bags, pillows... Preferably new, but you can drop those off at a Red Cross station and they WILL get to people who need them. Not everyone has money, but there's a way to help.

ANd now I go back to the pretty jade green hummingbird until the pick-up gal arrives. LOVE YOU ALL! BE SAFE AND PRO-ACTIVE!! *hugs* One final note: the morons in our administration have shown their true colors! Perhaps we need to start impeachment proceedings? BOO-yah!
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