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If you are looking for someone who may have been relocated to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area (Ft. Worth is taking overflow from Dallas as of 9:00am Saturday morning) here is information for you: is manning a database for ALL - EVERY SINGLE PERSON coming into DFW is first being logged by their name, a list of names they are looking for, contact info, and where they are headed, should they be transported from REUNION ARENA in DALLAS or THE CONVENTION CENTER in DALLAS to various shelters.

Some people are being re-routed to FT. WORTH to the FW ATHLETIC CENTER. It is also known as the WILKERSON-GREINES CENTER.

The DART RAIL SYSTEM is located at both Dallas sites and is transporting people on the TRINITY RAIL LINE to FT. WORTH.

Their website it getting hit hard, so patience is required. But make no mistake: they are logging every bit of information they can - taking pictures, etc. All manner of organizations are in all three locations providing medical treatment (bad cases are going to PARKLAND MEMORIAL - 5323 Harry Hines, (214) 590-5055 and UT SOUTHWESTERN 2201 Inwood (214) 648-7070 or CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL 7 Exchange Park (214) 456-8224)

Families with school-age children are being matched with families and the kids are ALREADY IN SCHOOL here. All emergency medical cases were triaged and cared for on-site. People have had baths, food, and are being welcomed. EASE YOUR BROKEN HEARTS!!! Texas loves - we have big hearts, so quit bashing us! :-D

Please feel free to link to these numbers or websites, or cut and paste for your own purpose. Let's make sure family can contact other family! Okay, no more talk. Gotta roll my sleeves up. YOU, TOO!!

[ETA FOR DONATION/VOLUNTEER INFO]: North Texas Food Bank would prefer money, as they can get supplies in bulk cheaper, but will accept any food-related items people are generously donating: or call 1-214-330-1396

Chase Banks and Bank One locations all across the US are accepting donations for the vitims arriving here in Texas, with the Dallas Morning News matching funds. Go to any local Bank One or Chase Bank or go to

The City of Dallas has a hotline to arrange volunteer efforts or cash donations: 1-214-670-4275.

Carter BloodCare will be at Vista Ridge Mall today (Saturday, Sept. 3) from 10am to 6pm and Sunday.

Just heard a story about a Houston-area family that had bought a house but not moved in, yet. Three refugee families are now staying there until they can get on their feet. I know we've been inundated with the horror, but there ARE quiet and lovely things happening. I don't want to put any more ugliness about the situation in my LJ. I can't bear any more. Sleeve rolling up time! Chin sticking out time! hold out that hand and pull someone up. Bush is an ass, and he'll get his due. Over and out - I'll post more links for refugee-location as they announce it here in Dallas.
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