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A squee, a plan and some fic.

If you look at your calendar, then you'll miss seeing mine. MY calendar has indicated that it is less than 2 weeks and 4 days until I fly to San Fransisco and meet dovil!! WOOT! My liver is primed, woman. *does stretching exercises so I'm taller, packs stool* We're also meeting up with _divya_ to talk shop, including, but not limited to: due South, hot men, things that are funny, potent potables, and things that start with an M. Cannot. Calm. Down. Okay, that's a gross exaggeration. But I'm excited. Just look at Spock down there!! He is perfectly expressing my hyperactivity.

Re: trip. There WILL be pictures.

In other news, I'm still lame and only skimming my flist. Working on it! Trying to be a better friend, jeez, Ma! Oh, and I haven't heard (or seen about the joint) leeannaray or dusty273 in a while... You girls fine? Just super busy? Bored with LJ? Making sure you're okay, is all...

Had The Mayor and Faith on the brain. Talked with winterlive (okay, no more name dropping. crazydiamondsue. Sorry, it's in my contract) last night about Veronica Mars, and was thinking about how Keith and VM are the second best Daddy/Daughter duo on TV ever. Behind: Mayor/Faith, of course. A little slice o' life, shortly after Faith joins forces officially. Very short. Just about a double-drabble.

Kidding! That's very wrong. *snickers*

Okay: "That's My Girl"


"Sir? The last delivery came about an hour ago, it's all set up."

Mayor Richard Wilkins the Third stepped into the spacious loft apartment and surveyed the place with a critical eye. Dark. Bit masculine, but then she'll probably like that. My little girl isn't into rainbows and unicorns, after all, the little scrapper.

"Nice and roomy. My little girl likes her space." He nodded his approval to the young man.

"Sir, it's the largest loft we could find that was convenient to your office. About 2,000 square feet. We had the pantry and refrigerator stocked to your specifications."

The Mayor stuffed his hands in his pocket, rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet, and turned his head to the intern standing at attention with a clipboard. "Thanks. Good work, kiddo." He walked to the fridge, opened the door, and called back, "You can go. Oh, and send Faith up, would you?"

The Mayor walked along the length of the counter that separated the kitchen from the main living area, drawing his hand along the surface, then checked for dirt on his finger. Clean. Good work. His assistant had informed him of Faith's current living conditions. That simply wouldn't do for Richard's best girl. No, Faith deserved something special. Probably the first time she had lived anywhere that didn't require paying daily.

The Mayor walked down the hall and peered into the bath, making sure the towels were hung evenly, and noticed the toilet paper's edge was folded into a little triangle. "Well, wasn't that nice! If I don't eat him at my Ascension, I'll be sure to give that kid a nice raise."

He leaned against the wall and waited for Faith. He couldn't wait to see the look on her face when she walked in. I hope she has her hair back so I can see her face. Too bad Edna Mae isn't here. She could do those cute little braids that cross over the top like a little Swiss Miss. He chuckled and then was quiet. He and his wife had talked about having a family, maybe a little girl. Even had a name picked out: Hope. But he wasn't to have children. Power untold, eventual immortality, yes, but not a family. Well, he had treasured the years he and his love spent together. He knew that her death only helped him to be stronger. At least that's what the ritual had been about, at any rate.

And then there was his Faith, the daughter he had always wanted. Someone to teach and love and shower with gifts and affection. His little girl.

"Boss?" The door swung open and Faith stepped in.

"Hey, Kitten. What do you think? Oh, come on. Wipe your feet, please."

Faith's face broke into a huge grin while she stepped backwards through the door and rubbed her shoes on the mat outside, then came back in. "For real?"

The Mayor smiled and looked down, "For you. Well, come on in. Have a look-see."

Faith bounced on the sofa, then hopped off quickly at her boss' tsk-tsking.

"Look in the kitchen. No more eating out of vending machines, I mean it. Growing girls need vitamins and nutrition, not preservatives and food coloring."

Faith opened the fridge and laughed. "Hey, Boss? I don't think I can drink three gallons of milk before it goes bad. Where's the bee-, the soda?"

"Gosh, maybe I'll just find some other girl that would appreciate a nice home and a full kitchen."

"Sorry! I'm... sorry. Thank you."

The Mayor smiled and picked up a pen off the counter to keep his hands busy. "That's my girl. Pour yourself a glass, I'm sure you're thirsty, and then let's get down to business, alright?" He took the cover off the cake stand on the stove and motioned with his head to Faith. "Have a cookie. They're delicious."

Faith poured a big glass of milk, grabbed two cookies and sat at the counter on a bar stool. Richard Wilkins the Third, the Mayor of Sunnydale for almost 100 years, soon to be demon and devourer of man, tipped her a wink, and for a moment thought that all was right with the world. He grabbed a cookie and took a bite.

"There are some books I need you to get."


And finally, happy belated birthday to trepkos and today to versaphile! *pours a drink, hands you a flower, rubs shoulders*

[ETA]: WHY IS THERE A LINE THROUGH WINTER'S USERNAME????? I JUST talked with her last night!! WINTER! Noooooo! I'm actually quite stupid. -LIVE. WinterLIVE. *lays down*
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