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Is two days in a row spam?

Hmm. Thinky morning bleeding into a thinky lunch. I blame a late night of watching surrealist animation. (Triplettes of Belleville) For the record, loved it. Strange, beautiful, odd, very pleasant. It made me think of an anime version of The Aristocats, if that makes any sense.

Have I weeded anyone out yet?

Well, September 11th. Came and went. Means something completely different to me, initially, so don't worry about anything political. It's my ex's birthday. Ahem. I'm not a believer in numerology, astrology, scientology... But it's interesting to note that the man that changed everything in my life, be it good or bad, came in like a shot and out just as fast. We married in Vegas on 7-11. (Anyone play craps?) Dirvorce final four years later on 7-7. DOUBLE CRAPS. *board wiped clean*

Okay, that was more interesting in my head. But I pulled out photo albums and looked at us back then - me, back then. Part of me still feels like college!Laura. Ready to have fun, pour myself into everything, candle lit at both ends... And then I think about how insecure I was then. How I was able to be married-too-early!Laura, Devout-Mormon!Laura. WTF?

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I was really, sincerely happy in that pic. In Looooooove. For evah and evah. I haven't heard from him in... 6 going on 7 years? Sometimes I just stop and that fact hits me. I've about forgotten that he was ever in my life. But my son is getting older and looking more and more like him. This morning, I woke the boy up and I just stopped in my tracks, seeing him lying in bed. Shadows of his "dad." It's just... interesting, is all. I'm not sorrowful, or regretting life, or anything of the kind. Just... remembered is all.

In other news... my mother-in-law, who hates me, don't forget, pimped me out to her rich-artist friend to design a new landscape. Uh... Huh? And not being able to say know when I'm completely floored... Drove out to her house today. And friggin' played "landscape designer." *cough* I have mentioned that I'm NOT a landscape architect? Yeah? Because I'm not. Um... Yeah. Just strange, especially considering I've never received a compliment from my MIL ever. And usually hear about how terrible a person I am. So I drove for a half hour to tell a woman to put in X shrub. She wants ONE TYPE OF SHRUB, all around her house. I drove for a half hour, did I mention?

I am Roger the Shrubber. If I don't get some friggin' respect from the MIL after this... The woman was very nice, actually, so I didn't mind. Kinda. Would have been nice for the MIL to ASK first, but. We can't have everything in life we want, true?

Finally, I miss my BFF. I will never, ever live in the same place as her, and some days it makes me very sad. Funniest, smartest, nicest person on the planet. This is my favorite picture of us, because it's the last time I saw her - Easter - and because she busted out laughing RIGHT after the flash. She's so wee!!

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And since this is turning into a WHINE FEST - crap. Sorry. I'll end off with the greatest of photo manips (are we still calling them that? Minapes? Heee!) EVAH MADE, OMFG. This makes me laugh and laugh... Okay. Bye bye then.

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HA HA HA HA!!! Have a great day!!
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