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FRIDAY. Today is Friday.

It feels like it should be Tuesday.

Celebrity RPGs friggin' own me now. Keerack. And I love it. Or, should I say, I fahking lahv eet, gaddam. I couldn't help it - I really should be put down and stuffed and mounted. Okay, the mounted part is a good plan.

It was COLD this morning. Okay, 67, but for Texas, that's cool! Down right chilly, even. Saw many animals on the walk this morning, and saw my cat stalking bunnies the backyard. She is evil. But my garden? SHE FLOURISHES.

Have exchanged flight info, etc. with dovil for the upcoming San Fransisco blow out. This time in two weeks I'll be heading for the airport. WHEEE!!! I know we are going to hook up with _divya_ at some point, and I don't leave until Sunday night, so shout out if you're in SF and you want me to buy you a drink. :-)

I'm in a boogie mood, so here's a boogie song, kickin' it old school. Ha! I'm sad. Okay: Stereo MCs: Connected.

*double hand waves* I fahking lahv you, beetches.

Confidential to Someone I know: ah mah gad, beetch. I make a person to get the Jason orgy on. HEENT.
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