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I woke up to a completed three-way awaiting me in my inbox this morning. Pretty good way to start the day, if I do say so myself.

I got a random comment to my Spangel CD Mix this weekend

The art of the cut tag. And by art I of course mean the fake-out. Where was I? Oh. CD Mix. Am I the only one that forgets older posts? Of my own? Like... it surprises me that anyone would read... my LAST post, let alone one from November of 2004. Sometimes I forget there are other people out there clicking - sometimes I think about the friends lock, and then I think: for what? Don't want people to know my stoopid boolsheet? And then I shrug. And then I forget to zip my pants or something.

OH! Yes. I remember now. CD MIX. So, I reread my thoughts on the Spangel relationship and saw some notes I had made for potential fic, back when I was trying to write loads of it. You can thank me later for stopping, I'm nothing if not kind. So fuck off. Wait! I CANNOT HOLD A THOUGHT.

Led Zepplin, Kashmir. Number one: this song screams sex to me. Number two: I like to think of the boys taking apart an opium den and tripping. Just me? I would read that fic. Has this been written? Where Angelus is dragging William off to "train" and they follow some uppity British man down a seedy alleyway, thinking how perfect it is that they'll be concealed because NOW Angelus can take his time and really show William the art of the kill, but the man sneaks into a narrow door and it's an opium den with bodies writhing and tripping and doing all sorts of things, and the boys look at each other and smile then get their game faces on, but William starts having a bad trip after biting one woman and Angelus has to help him out of his haze, and William stumbles into a pile of clothing and gets "attacked" by some Victorian-era boots and maybe stepped on while scrambling to get away from the Evil!Boots that he sees as monsters, and he freaks out and sees a wave of Oxfords coming to suffocate him and THAT'S why he has a nightmare in S7 about "drowning in footwear?"

Has that fic been written?

Billy Joel, My Life. I like to think of a new sitcom with Angel and Spike. A take on "Bosom Budies" but they have to pretend to be HUMANS and not girls to get low rent. This could have been one of those moments we DON'T see in S5 of Angel where they had to go undercover to stop a yadda yadda demon/ritual/plot/Wal-Mart opening on unhallowed ground THING, but they have to go undercover.

And maybe they do a Blade thing where they put on SPF ABillionty because Madge and Mertle took a shining to them and invited them to the apartment pool party and they can't NOT go, right? Haha! And then hilarity ensues because they're wearing scarves! At a pool party! And big floppy hats! And then Spike takes his hat off and he's got a TINIER hat underneath! Oh, Spike! Except, he's undercover, so his name is Bill. And the audience gets the joke because BILL! That's not an evil!vampire!chipped!good!ensouled!killeragain!died!broughtback!nowagoodguy name! Ha ha, Bill. And Angel is now Rico, because that's a a tough guy name, and he can't help but look like a tough guy, and Madge has a crush on him, you see, so she's trying to get Rico (Angel) to come out to the pool and swim, and Angel (Rico) is trying to explain that he doesn't... tan well and oh, man.

And then there can be a funny scene where they are hiding from the girls by running back and forth in a hallway, opening doors with silly music playing, and then FINALLY they all come out of different doors and are OMG! Standing right in front of each other! And Spike (Bill) says something rude and Rico (Angel) hits the back of his head causing Bill (Spike) to vamp out and the girls scream and the audience cracks up because OMG! Oh, and because the "Applause" light is flashing and there are armed guards because this is FOX, people, and...


So. Ahem. What's on YOUR mind today?

And I still really REALLY want to have a surprise scene appear on my TV one day of Faith and Connor training while she's at the Hyperion. Just... five minutes of them snarking at each other, Faith showing Connor her moves, and then grabbing him by the shirt, pressing him against the hall wall and grinding her crotch into his groin and biting his lip and telling him he tastes like his old man and Connor can't help that he's aroused because it's freakin' FAITH, and Cordy could have busted in on them and said, "I know" and then showed Faith her belly and watch Faith freak out.


Maybe Cordy DOESN'T interrupt and Faith starts rubbing her hand lower down Connor's chest and her mouth moves to his ear and she whispers to him in a husky voice that she wants to know what other moves he has, then she grips his erection and lightly rubs her thumb over it, feeling the hardness through his jeans, pulling back a little with a smirk because she didn't know it would be so BIG, and his face is clouded over with lust because he's only been with Cordy the once, and it was chaste and sweet and frickin' MISSIONARY, and he picked up a habit of peering into houses at night on patrol and watching couples make love (usually random people fucking, but he's sweet in his heart when it comes to this stuff) and he's fucking WANTING her and she smirks because she can tell how innocent he is and Faith likes the idea of "training" Angel's boy in the ugly parts that still exist in her soul, and she attacks his mouth again and uses both hands to fumble with his belt and zipper and shove his pants down just enough so she can get her hands in there - it takes two, holy fuck - and Connor is starting to wobble on his legs like a colt because - jesus - and he doesn't know if he can touch her, so his hands are hovering over her shoulders and his breath is coming in hitches and he decides to just ask:

"F-faith - can I-?"

And she pulls back and licks a little trail down the inside of his wrist, turns back with a sultry smile and traces his lower lip with her tongue, then takes one of his hands and brings it to her chest, then presses against him, trapping his hand for a moment and whispers, "does that answer your question?" And he moans in the back of his throat and it turns into a little whine because now his thumb is rubbing small circles over her nipple and he's getting a response, and Faith starts kissing a trail down his neck to his collar bone, hands bunching up his shirt as she makes her way down, and his hands are filling with her dark hair and pulling the long strands through his fingers, but he doesn't know if he wants her to do that because he's never had it, and all he knows is it feels good to be inside a woman, so he reaches down and grabs a doorknob and opens it and pulls her to him, duck-walking backwards into what he thinks is an empty room, and they collapse on a bed, Faith riding him for a moment, then sitting up and pulls her shirt off and falls forward, framing him with her hair and attacks his neck again and they hear a cough.

And Gunn has come out of the bathroom in a towel, toothbrush in his hand.

Did anyone write that fic? (And I know three of you want that to turn into a Gunn/Connor/Faith sammich.)

and so I continue it here.

Oh, yeah and here as well.

okay! Gonna take a shower... exercise... NOT think about Connor and Faith because that would be wrong. I think.
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