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Hey Kids! It's your old pal, Stinky Weasel-Teats!

I think I slept for three hours last night. Can't. Sleep. Clowns will eat me.

That's a shout out to my homie, somecandytalkin, who I miss VERY MUCH.

How about that music? The theme to "Real Sex:" Patricia - Prado Perez. I love this song. So goofy and bouncy.

One more: The Decemberists - Cautionary Song. HAhAHA! Oh, man, this song is great. I play it for my children every night before bed. And I am completely joking. I'm not ready for them to know I'm prostituing myself out to sailors just yet. Bwah!

The Most Awesome To Do List Ever Crafted By Man. Or Beast. And if plants had hands, even THEY couldn't come up with this perfection.

  • Get a hair cut

  • Purchase massive quantities of liquor - tequila, specifically for transport back to New Zealand by dovil

  • stop

  • smell roses

  • get fitted for those cool inner-wrist knife-thingies from TV - you never know

  • get book to take on plane

  • swallow 50 condoms of heroin to "deliver" upon arrival

  • be sure to double-bag them - we don't want a repeat of NY, do we?

  • take pictures of kids


  • do laundry

  • find other euphamisms for sex with random delivery men than the word laundry

  • eat soup

  • refresh obsessively for dl of VM last night

  • abbrev. more w with fl

  • actually do laundry

  • tip the UPS guy well, because he really focuses on the "spin cycle"

  • wash clothes

  • drive everyone within a 5 mile radius INSANE with my energy

2 random things (uh, more random things). Anybody catch the news about the Japanese marine biologists catching on film a giant squid? Awesome. And did that make ANYONE think of Phil Hartman slurring: 20,000 leaguesh under the shsea? Just me?

#2, FINALLY made myself watch Coupling, Season 4 last night and was just heartsick. I want JEFF! And I think they took such a long break between seasons that the writer FORGOT WHO HIS CHARACTERS WERE. They became cariacatures of themselves, instead of being true. Hmm. But my LORD does Sally have fantastic hair. Told you it was random.

And for those of you who watch Veronica Mars, I will have NO SPOILERS (Winter? I'm thinking of you, dear) except to say that I was very happy with last night, mainly because of all the new questions that cropped up and I LOVE KEITH MARS. Best dad since The Mayor. And the no killing thing, or turning into a demon, but you get my point.

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