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First: Kinky Friedman. Who wouldn't want a cowboy Jew to run my state? Well, I don't want to know you. Love 'em. Love his attitude, his writing style (he has a column in Texas Monthly), and especially his black bean and corn salsa. He has my vote. Check him out here - this is great, but also representative of what I love about my home state. I know comecandytalkin feels the same. Dammit, I want my state back. *kicks DeLay, Rove, and Bush's interloping, outsiders asses right on out*

Can't sleep lately. Head is FULL. Just... lay down and the brain is off and running. Until 3am. And considering I wake up at 6:30am every day... It's a wonder my eyeballs don't fall out of my head. And I can't nap during the day, for some reason. Bah.

Which all contributes to this feeling that I'm on a merry-go-round, and it's spinning really fast, and I'm sliding off. I want my own housewife. Someone to clean the house, make lists, etc. Do they have those? Hmm. I think my taste of freedom this past weekend has me down. Just... wake, feed, clean, type, clean, feed, discipline yadda yadda. I need some SHAKE UP. Haha! Kidding, fates! Don't go giving me anthrax, or wrecking my car...

In good news (and a light at the end of the tunnel), Mr. S is going to be working from home for the month of December. Hooray! No travel! I think mostly I'm just a bit lonely for him. :(

I quit my editing job (I was a volunteer anyway; I wasn't being paid) and feel a WHOLE lot better. Not the job for me. I would rather write and turn over the business aspect to other people, than play politics and make sure everyone got sunshine up their bums. Rose Society women and their ilk are just HORRID. I mean... it's a fucking plant.

Watched Maurice last night, a Merchant-Ivory production from the 80s with Hugh Grant - holy crap, was he so beautiful as a younger man. Oh, he still is, but I LITERALLY bit my knuckle at one point. God, I am a sucker for a well tailored man in suspenders with their clean-cut hair slicked back. Basically, I like dandies. Ha! The movie was terribly frustrating, in that I'm a product of NOW, and just wanted the Clive (Hugh) character to DO something. From an acting standpoint, I felt they couldn't decide whether they were making a movie in the vein of the 20s style of acting, or modern British acting (of which I am a fan) and felt it was a bit melodramatic. That being said, I still cared about the actors in the end. You could tell they had moments where the two male leads weren't really committing to being in love and were awkward actors playing as if they were in love. But the movie is beautiful to look at, and has some tender moments. Hugh's Clive breaks my heart, though.

I think I need to convince Mr. S to grow his hair out a bit. It's all wavy and lush... And he looks DAMN FINE in dress pants and suspenders. Mrawr. Yeah... I think I've pinpointed my funk. :-)

Anyone want to help me scrub floors? Anyone? Bueller? *sigh* I'll make you homemade minestrone....

*rolls up sleeves*
*cranks up good music loud*
That's better.

[ETA] OH! I forgot to mention about San Francisco! When we were walking home from the comedy club, we saw some dude walking home. In a cape. Just 'cause. I mean, CAPE. And a liiiittle too... bouncy to be a vampire. Too young to be a Viscount from the 19th Century. Just a dude. In a cape. Awesome. And the memory is making me laugh. *turns up music, gets over self like that*
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