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Okay. OKAY. We get it.

I am just sick. Absolutely sick about this. What the hell is going on with Mother Nature? We have fucking pissed her off. And what's the bullshit about the US telling them we can't get troops out of Afghanistan to fucking dig SCHOOL CHILDREN out of collapsed buildings? *friggin' BAWLS*

God damn, I fucking hate our president. After all of the assistance we got from other countries, the out-pouring of worry and love and assistance, we're sending a few HELICOPTERS? And we're positioned RIGHT THERE. I am just sick about this.

For those of you I count as friends in other countries, I did not help put this asshole in office, and I'm doing everything I can to get him and his cronies out. Meanwhile... *writes check for Red Cross* *tries to educate morons on the evil of the current administration*

Sorry for the downer post. (Also: has anyone heard from dusty273? Mari? I've been following the tragedy in Guatemala and hope you and the gorditas y familia are safe. Te amo!)

And now I get to clean house for a dinner party. No, that isn't strange considering what's happening in the world. *feels guilty*
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