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Mighty Good Cornflakes, Mrs. McDunnough

Okay, I did not cut a whore. Or a h0r. Or however the kids spell it. p0wned. Huh?

And if you know the subject header, I enjoy you. I ENJOY YOU. I haven't watched "Raising Arizona" - oops! cat's out of the bag! - in years. Need to fix that. "Sometimes I get the menstral cramps real hard." "You ate sand?" "Hi? You go back in there and get me one of them babies - they got more'n they can handle!" "Ed? You ever... get the feeling of a big weight - pressing down on your chest?" "Yeah, yeah I hear you. But I told Dottie she needs to lose some weight." "You take that diaper off your head - and put it BACK on your sister!"

Good morning! I'll be singing that yodel all day. AWESOME.

In other news: I am a SPAZZ. Actually, that's an ongoing story, so skip it. Fantastic article in today's paper: cocaine ALTERS genes. Okay, that's interesting to me, but dude! Do you have any idea how HARD it is to alter genes? Minus radiation? Or free radicals? Or-. Okay, I'm losing you. But think about it: cocaine use alters your genetic makeup. Not your gametes - you aren't passing this on - they don't think - but this explains why it's hard to kick the habit. Cocaine MAKES your body need it - at the genetic level. Fascinating stuff.

How much do you love me for talking about hicks in Arizona kidnapping a baby to genetic mutation? No? I'm doing that self-congratulatory thing? Huh. LOTS OF COFFEE THIS MORNING. Ahem.

How about a fic rec? Now, since only two of you read my foray into other fandoms this weekend, I get that most of you on my flist are die-hard buffy/angel fans. But... Hmm. I am enjoying the other places. This weekend (after much poking from two of my RPG pals - thank you!) I FINALLY read some of firesignwriter's PotC fic. HOLY CRAP. I'm not that interested in pirate ships and the like, but I DO like reading thought-out 3D characterization with excellent dialogue. crazydiamondsue? I'm looking at you. DIALOGUE. So good your toes will curl. With the funny! And the snark! And the elegant hotness! So far this girl has written the best Jack Sparrow I've come across, which isn't saying much - I've only been dipping my toes in for a brief period. Feel free to spam me with recs, BTW.

This in particular is just really wonderful. I AM TELLING YOU ALL: READ IT. If you enjoy the snark...

More links you say? FINE. Have fun knocking George Bush around. HA! You can hit refresh and make it anew over and over and ...

Last: tried to watch "Land of the Dead" this weekend. Meh. "28 Days Later" and "Shaun of the Dead" remain my favorite zombie movies. Except: 28 Days Later is NOT a zombie movie. Which proves my point that zombie movies suck. Except for Shaun of the Dead. Because it's really really funny and kinda scary in some places.

TODAY: do jazz hands. I am looking at you, entrenous88. At some point, you (general you) should do a hop/skip and either jazz hands, or rainbow hands with spirit fingers. It's Monday! And a cold one! Might as well make it fun. *rondule - hands up in air - cross arms -jazz hands!*
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