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Armor Processed Meat-Product

A.K.A.: generic spam.

I am BORED. My house is clean, laundry's done, too windy to play outside.... SPAM. Just got a catalogue in the mail for some weird company that sells the candies your grandmother had in her stinky pantry for six months, then tries to make you eat. You know that candy: like Circus Peanuts - but all dried out. Those weird wrapped Brach's candies with odd flavors like "Licorice Weasel" and "Rootbeer Cherry Surprise."

EXAMPLE: Chocolate Dipped Jelly Sticks. (35 sticks each). Brown Bread in a CAN. (In two flavors!) BARLEY POPS. In ANIMAL SHAPES. I couldn't make this stuff up, y'all.

And I'm a leetle lemming with Sue's Meme, because it'll be fun. Or time consuming.

1. Go to my memories, and pick out a line or two from one of my stories (minimum ten words, though of course you can choose more than that). Post that quote in the comments.
2. I will respond with which story I think that quote is from.
3. I will entertain the first person to stump me in the manner of their choice.

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