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ARGH. Need... your... help...

Okay, normally? I am a WHIZ at Hallowe'en costumes. LOVE getting dressed up. (hello! costume box!) Some of mmy best costumes from Hallowe'en past: Prom Queen from 16 Candles, replete with 80's wig with large chunk taken out and purple double tiered prom dress, starched and stiffened my clothes and hair so it all stood out to one side and was "person standing in the wind," Pez-Dispenser...

I'm stuck. STUCK! I looooooove costumes and trick or treating - um, with the kids. Yeah. Passing out candy, playing spooky music, scaring kids as they come up to the house... So. Poll time. Mr. S relies on me to create the costumes for us, so I've stuck him in here too. Help a sistah out.

Poll #598714 Hallowe'en Costume Time!

Mr. Stoney should dress up as:

Jesus with a "Who's Your Daddy?" button on his cloak
In prison garb with the name "ROVE" or "CHENEY" over his prison number
something else I will leave in comments

This is what he should go as:

YOU should dress up as:

Jesus with a button that reads "Who's Your Daddy" on your cloak
Pregnant bride covered in blood, a la Uma Thurman
something else, I'll tell you in comments

This is what I think you should go as:

So? Bueller? I'm game for anything that doesn't require nudity. Because, um, no. What are YOU going as? And if your answer is nothing, WHY NOT?

[ETA]: CRAP! Happy birthday, greenstone_j!! I hope you have a fun day! *smooooch* Happy Birthday spikendru!! I smoosh you to my bewbies with love and kisses on this day of AGING. Hahahaha! Ahem. *loves!*

[ETA] #2: AHAHAHA!! I just found my Greatest American Hero wig!! I just need red tights and a cape and a headband... I don't think he'll go for it. But heeeee!
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