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Phun Phor Phriday!

I am giddy. GIDDY! Early morning meeting with the school - Mr. S was there with BULLET POINTS - life is fine and the boy's execution is stayed another day. PERHAPS. The boy, as in my son. Ahem. Life is good. Sun! At my window! Fat kitties pouncing on butterflies! At my window! And my coffee is black and strong. At my... elbow.

I come bearing links of hilarity and funny and ha ha making because it's FRIDAY! Wheee!

This is an old one, but it is still so funny... Worst Album Covers EVER. Tino may be the sexiest mo fo to ever stay in the closet. Except for Orleans. Rawr. The "Julie's 16th Birthday" is so creepy and weird and crazydiamondsue? I expect laughter from you on that one. "Let Me Touch Him." AHAHAHAHA!!!! Christian pedophilia. Just me? Is that not the WORST?? Hence it's being on the list. somecandytalkin? How many of these have you come across? Or do you have worse ones?

I about fell out of my chair laughing at this: DOG JUDO! AHAHAHA!!! Wait for it.... wait for it!!!! Heeee! I want to scritch the little doggies heads...

And finally, because as we all know I am broken inside... I made God his own LJ. It's for the RPG I play in, but still. God NEEDS an LJ. god_yaweh_i_am He is all knowing and powerful and really, really quite bored. Maybe he made the rules a bit... tough... to get in? Hmmm. Things have gotten a bit too serious in the RPG for my characters, so we made a spin off this week for the sole purpose of having crazy story ideas. Or at the very least, based on humor and goofiness. Feel free to check it out: a_list_celebs. By the end of the weekend, I hope to have it all organized so (If you WANTED...) you could friend the journal and have access to the bios of the players and so forth. Thoughts? Comments? Rotten apples? I still play in the other one, this is just... insurance for no angst.

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