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I hate the new fashions.

Okay, not ALL of the new fashions, because I love tweed and fitted jackets and sexy round-toed shoes. BUT.

Things You Will NOT Catch Me Wearing:

  • Pants tucked into boots. Oh, yes! I'd like to look stumpy and blocky and cut off and then head out to star in a Whitesnake video! Awesome.

  • Solid-wedge high heels over 2 inches in height. Ankle breakers. I loooooove high heels. Shoes with no give? And four inches up besides? *shudder*

  • "Metallic" anything. Big massive monster-sized purse? Wrap dress covered in hoo-haws? It's like Donatella and Isaac Asimov made babies. The fahk?

  • Tops with elasticed bottoms. Okay. If you are flat-chested? That looks terrific. And if you are a RAIL. I am neither. I look like the Michellin Man. NO NO NO to elasticised waistbands!

  • boots with FUR, be it faux or otherwise. Mucklucks. MUCKLUCKS. I do not feel pretty and witty and gay in those. "I feel stumpy! Oh, so chunky! I feel sturdy and grody and LAAAAARGE!"

And on that note, I believe I'm going to wear a long lovely tweed skirt and fitted top today in DEFIANCE. Or quite possibly just my favorite jeans and a button-down oxford. But! They are tasteful and tailored and there are NO METALLIC GEE-GAWS IN SIGHT! Or faux fur! Or shearling! Or elastic! *picks up underwear* Okay, SOME elasticised waists are fine. Heh.

In other news... those of you who friended god_yaweh_i_amGOD, well, it means a lot in these troubled times. He gets lonely. Hahaha! But keep in mind that he's a part of an RPG, so you can comment to his posts, but make them anonymous. (Bead! I'm sorry! I loved your question! Repost if you want!!) For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about... IGNORE THAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN! I AM THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE OZ!! 'Sup? *cough* and there may be a one_true_diablosatan over there, too. Because I love love love my Ru and she knows it. Heee!

Beautiful autumn day! A day of baking and shopping and candy and movies and hooray!!! MIA: mskakaako! Are you lurking? Feeling good? Miss you! *kisses you all* Today is a day for walking along the Lake of Shining Waters.... [/nostalgia]

And I wonder if my Atheist Card will be revoked for saying God is in an RPG. And if anyone caught that in the first place... Heh.
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