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I hate the new fashions.

Okay, not ALL of the new fashions, because I love tweed and fitted jackets and sexy round-toed shoes. BUT.

Things You Will NOT Catch Me Wearing:

  • Pants tucked into boots. Oh, yes! I'd like to look stumpy and blocky and cut off and then head out to star in a Whitesnake video! Awesome.

  • Solid-wedge high heels over 2 inches in height. Ankle breakers. I loooooove high heels. Shoes with no give? And four inches up besides? *shudder*

  • "Metallic" anything. Big massive monster-sized purse? Wrap dress covered in hoo-haws? It's like Donatella and Isaac Asimov made babies. The fahk?

  • Tops with elasticed bottoms. Okay. If you are flat-chested? That looks terrific. And if you are a RAIL. I am neither. I look like the Michellin Man. NO NO NO to elasticised waistbands!

  • boots with FUR, be it faux or otherwise. Mucklucks. MUCKLUCKS. I do not feel pretty and witty and gay in those. "I feel stumpy! Oh, so chunky! I feel sturdy and grody and LAAAAARGE!"

And on that note, I believe I'm going to wear a long lovely tweed skirt and fitted top today in DEFIANCE. Or quite possibly just my favorite jeans and a button-down oxford. But! They are tasteful and tailored and there are NO METALLIC GEE-GAWS IN SIGHT! Or faux fur! Or shearling! Or elastic! *picks up underwear* Okay, SOME elasticised waists are fine. Heh.

In other news... those of you who friended god_yaweh_i_amGOD, well, it means a lot in these troubled times. He gets lonely. Hahaha! But keep in mind that he's a part of an RPG, so you can comment to his posts, but make them anonymous. (Bead! I'm sorry! I loved your question! Repost if you want!!) For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about... IGNORE THAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN! I AM THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE OZ!! 'Sup? *cough* and there may be a one_true_diablosatan over there, too. Because I love love love my Ru and she knows it. Heee!

Beautiful autumn day! A day of baking and shopping and candy and movies and hooray!!! MIA: mskakaako! Are you lurking? Feeling good? Miss you! *kisses you all* Today is a day for walking along the Lake of Shining Waters.... [/nostalgia]

And I wonder if my Atheist Card will be revoked for saying God is in an RPG. And if anyone caught that in the first place... Heh.


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Oct. 29th, 2005 08:01 am (UTC)
Heh. I'm posting anonymously, HERE! To remind myself. Do not give me away!

:scraps plans for your Baby Jesus' Birthday present of funky gold disco purse.:

I love round-toed heels. 40's style, sometimes with little bows. (first I accidentally spelled that b-o-y-s. Ooops.) They make me think of Minnie and Daisy and other little cute girly animal cartoon characters. And just then, I realized hey, a mouse and a duck are apparently the same size, in heels.

Okay, but what I MUST KNOW!! Is how to make the lj user name do that. You know what I'm talkin' about. That thing. Can you share the joy? If you wanted to, you could email me.

I'm going to see that dark 50's murder committed by comedian-pair detective noir movie at the Angelica tonight. Yes. I am really something.

Oct. 29th, 2005 08:12 am (UTC)
OMG. This could be one of two people, and I SUCK because I am not sure, and I can't SAY because what if I am WRONG???

AND I WANT TO SEE THAT MOVIE!!! I was going to call/email someone and see if they wanted to go with me?!! Tell me if it's good. I don't think I'll get to see it until tomorrow. Boo.

THE NAME THING. Isn't that awesome? Here's how: take out the *, change the journal name to suit your needs and awaaaaay you go.

<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=god_yaweh_i_am"><*img height="17" border="0" src="http://www.livejournal.com/img/userinfo.gif" alt="god_yaweh_i_am" align="absmiddle" width="17"></a><*b><*a title="" href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/god_yaweh_i_am/">GOD</a></b>
Oct. 29th, 2005 09:27 am (UTC)
Your clue is the Angelica!!!!

My god_yaweh_i_am (http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=god_yaweh_i_am)LORD! (http://www.livejournal.com/users/god_yaweh_i_am/) That's a lot of work!

But quite worth it. Wheeeeee! Thanks so much, girly! I'll give you a review tomorrow!
Oct. 29th, 2005 10:04 am (UTC)
Heh. I was pretty sure it was you...

And I have that saved in a .txt document so I cut and paste it without having to type over and over again.

Oooh! I want to hear about the flick!
Oct. 29th, 2005 08:56 am (UTC)
I spent last Saturday night shoe (well, boot) shopping on the net, and found more of those weird ugly fur-covered mucklucks that there are native arctic people left on the planet (shudder).

Why? Can't people see what's ugly anymore?

Julia, whiny, just out of bed, and only half-done with what I should have posted already= slack, I tell you, just slack
Oct. 29th, 2005 09:15 am (UTC)
Boots! Any luck? And WHAT THE HELL. Mucklucks! Is the idea to make your ankles look MASSIVE thereby visually shrinking your thighs in comparison?

Moon boots. I dohn fahking get it.
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 29th, 2005 09:13 am (UTC)
Dude. Pants. In jeans. If I start seeing those "Newport News" boots: flat heel, fold down cuff where the part oover your shin ends in a point - I'm going to just start pointing and laughing at people.

I know! Let's make a "polo-style" dress, but give it an elasticised waist. AND SHOULDER PADS!

Shit, I predict that stirrup pants and "Units" will come raging back. Neon. HOTTTT.

LAWYER? What the hell? I'll call you Superintendant, mm'kay? Heh.
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 29th, 2005 10:12 am (UTC)

Maybe. Yesssss..... :-)
Oct. 29th, 2005 09:08 am (UTC)
*wanders through, keeses, beetch*

Why is it that some years get, like, sleek, elegant black fashions and light accessories and the "natural" look, and then we, as a society, feel compelled to return to the decade where everybody did a lot of cocaine? WHY?
Oct. 29th, 2005 09:17 am (UTC)

And big ugly purses with shit and chains and buckles and things and rucking and massive handles and what the HELL are you carrying around in that???
Oct. 29th, 2005 09:55 am (UTC)
I'll admit I wear pants under jeans sometimes, but only because I live in Massachusets and its frieken cold walking around in the snow! Same goes with the fake fur on the boots, only for warmth, lol. I agree with the others, especially the elastic shirts. Seriously, my girls would probably pop through the damn thing, lol, plus as you said, they are meant for rails. Flattened rails. Yes.
Oct. 29th, 2005 06:27 pm (UTC)
Derp. I meant pants tucked into BOOTS. Layers are essesntial in the north. Pants into BOOTS. Like, highheeled, fancy boots. Um.... NOT FLATTERING.

I are smart.
Oct. 29th, 2005 09:14 pm (UTC)
Well then yes, I definetly agree with you, lol, especially because I'm 5'6 but somehow still manage to have really short legs!
Oct. 29th, 2005 11:31 am (UTC)
"I feel stumpy! Oh, so chunky! I feel sturdy and grody and LAAAAARGE!"

OMG, yes! *laughs* The fur thing is too much. I do like the metallic phase, though, but it can be blinding when overdone. *sports one of those shiny metallic gray/silver bags*

Oct. 29th, 2005 06:26 pm (UTC)
The metallic bags remind me of eigth grade when that was THE THING. Lame and shine and metallic flats and bags and...

Leathuh. I like a small, discreet leather clutch or shoulder bag. Small enough for lipstick, credit cards, chapstick, stick of gum, MAYBE the cell phone. That's it.
Oct. 29th, 2005 11:57 am (UTC)
Pants tucked into jeans? Bzuh? Does this mean you're wearing the pants on your haid?

And um, yeah, I'll repost it....if I remember what it was..... Sorry, I didn't get it was an RPG to begin with. ::iz stupid::

Oct. 29th, 2005 06:25 pm (UTC)
I'm AN IDIOT. Pants (or jeans) tucked into BOOTS. <-- is stupid.

No, no, I didn't make it very clear myself. I updated the user info... Hi Susi!! *squishes you* How are you? Feeling a bit better? Tell Mr. Man to take you on a trip! To see meeeee!
Oct. 29th, 2005 04:13 pm (UTC)
Hello! Missed you too! I'm alive and feeling relatively well-ish. I've been too pooped even to lurk. Imagine that!

Oh! Your atheist card will totally be revoked, but if you're a friend of God, your get out of hell card is going to be laminated, baby! Heehee. *beams*
Oct. 29th, 2005 06:24 pm (UTC)
HI!!! I bet you're tired. In a few more weeks you'll get a burst of energy. Then - back to being tired for the last few months.

*loves you sooo much!!* My Kako! Ping me sometime, tootsie!
Oct. 29th, 2005 04:53 pm (UTC)
I'm so confused by the pants tucked into jeans thing. Um. Huh? Do you mean tucked into boots? Or...???
Oct. 29th, 2005 06:22 pm (UTC)

I meant PANTS (or jeans) TUCKED INTO BOOTS. Julia knew what I meant, but what the HELL????

*headdesk* All day. this has been like that ALL DAY.
Oct. 29th, 2005 06:47 pm (UTC)
Ah, I suspected that's what you meant. :) But then I thought, well, how am I to know the latest Texas fashions?
Oct. 29th, 2005 06:15 pm (UTC)
Pants tucked into jeans? How does that work?

I agree with everything. But then, I'm so anti-"fashion" that my wardrobe is limited to Home Alone, Neat Casual, a couple of businessy suits, a couple of dressy dresses, and an ensemble for funerals.

I want to join you in autumnland! It's spring here and the garden is INSANE like one of those car stereo tv ad men insane. Flowers! Bugs! Weeds! Work work work! Save me, stoney! Exclamation mark!
Oct. 29th, 2005 06:23 pm (UTC)
SIIIGH. See above. And see me be stupid. Into BOOTS. Bah.

SPRING! Oh, man, I am NOT ready. I am sooo ready for the gardening season to be DONE. I loooove winter id only for the lack of outside chores. Pics?? It is the prettiest time of year, however!
Oct. 29th, 2005 06:56 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah, pants tucked into boots. So we can all be short and stompy. I blame Footloose for that unspeakable six months of every girl wearing jeans and red cowboy boots.

But I hate low-low-low-rise jeans more. With a waistline at the hip, even supermodels look like teapots.

I have no pics because I have no camera. Blame the SO. Buying a digital camera is his job, and has been for 12 months and counting.
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