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Yes, yes, two posts in one day, but this is RARE for me.

Number one: my bad!fic writer is back. Oh, LORD is she back. I'll post tomorrow with a "no drink" disclaimer. WOW. Just... wow. She's back. *cackles* for those of you not familiar, check out my memories under Bad!(great)fic. It's the birthplace of the Cream of Cum icon.

Number Two: the best anonymous meme EVER is available, but you didn't know where to go! UNTIL NOW. Check out Satan's journal. Post anonymously!

Number Three: if you are afraid of confiding in the Dark Prince, God is always ready to hear your confession. (Remember: anonymous. It's more fun that way!)

Number Four
: I have had too much sugar today. And fun phone calls with Sue. That is all. Carry on... my wayward son...
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