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Buffy Mix - Complete! Playlist!

Let me start with saying this is restrained. 4 discs. I mean, she was in EVERY show. So... the best way (IMO) to make a mix was to focus on her relationships - those were big turning points in her growth, regression, etc. Her and the boys, the Scoobs, Giles, her parents... And I just touched over them. Seriously, could have gone on and on, but it was getting a bit ridiculous.

previous playlists for other characters here.

Disc One

New School, New Friends, New Life

1. Valley Girl - Frank Zappa - I'm operating under the idea that Buffy was still a bit silly, undedicated, unfocused when she got to Sunnydale. Cheerleading, friends with Cordy - briefly - so.
2. You're My Best Friend - Queen - the scene where Buffy sees Cordy berating Willow, who leaves the water fountain like it's old hat? And makes a decision there? I love her so much for that.
3. For He Is An Englishman - Gilbert & Sullivan - Heh. From the H.M.S. Pinafore. Oh, stuffy Giles. So fun. (I like Ripper!Giles better.)
4. The Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun - Julie Brown - Okay, Homecoming wasn't S1, but Buffy was more dedicated then. And this song just kills me. Harmony and the Cordettes repre-SENT!
5. Never Leave Your Heart Alone - Butterfly Boucher - Who is that tall dark - very thin- stranger? Mmmm. Jacket. *sleeps in it*
6. Love Fool - The Cardigans - Snark, snark, totally wishing he would kiss me...
7. Teach Your Children Well - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young I miss Joyce. She wasn't perfect, but she loved her kid.
8. Four To The Floor - Starsailor - Oh, GOD do I love this group. Here's Buffy fantasizing about the future: "I could have it all - we'd have a little girl."
9. With A Little Help From My Friends - Joe Cocker - Aw. Early Scooby fun. When they all hung out? And watched Indian soap operas? And Xander was thinking how lucky he was to be friends with Willow who was friends with Buffy because he got to sleep over at a GIRL'S HOUSE and maybe they would make out, and what do you mean I have to slay a whozit? AHHHHH!!
10. I Love You Always Forever - Donna Lewis - Early Bangel. Sooooo innocent and shoots me right back to that overwhelming elation of first love - how electric their touch is, how you think about them and doodle your initials on everything and... Aw. (This is a TOTALLY cheesy high school girl song. Guess what Buffy is? heh.)
11. I Melt With You - Modern English - Ditto. Mmm. Love is grand. (And makes me think of "Valley Girl" which is a fantastic teen love movie, OMG.)
12. Parents Just Don't Understand - DJ Jazzy Jeff Heh. Buffy, when are you going to take on some RESPONSIBILITY? Silly, like Buffy could be.
13. Hopelessly Devoted To You - Olivia Newton-John - I still catch my breath watching Buffy and Angel for the first time. My goodness. (eta: sex.)
14. The Widow - Mars Volta - And I ache to my very core every time I watch Angelus rebuke her "abilities." Oh, ouchie. This song is so achey and dreamy and mournful. I have been soaking up everything this group has put out. I don't know why they aren't used in more soundtracks. Maybe not the best house music without context, but within a show? Perfection.
15. Love Will Tear us Apart Again - Nouvelle Vogue - Okay, this band first off is fantastic. French New Wave. Bossa Nova. This is a song originally by Joy Division. But it has a dreamy quality that I like for the ep where Angelus and Buffy are caught up in the doomed romance from Sunnydale High's past. And now I want to watch early Buffy...
16. Everybody's Talkin' - Tonic - Can she? If she has to? Will she be able to do it? You know, kill the first boy she loved so hard and deeply and gave him everything and...
17. Agnus Dei - Dale Warland Singers (Mozart) - Yeah. Yeah she could. And bad special effects aside, oh, Buffy. *pets her, because oh, ow.*
18. The Road to Mandalay - Robbie Williams - Bus ride out of town. Oh, and call me Anne. The intro to this song is one of the best I've heard in years. Just... He should make more music that sounds like the first minute of this song.

Disc Two

A Little Older

1. Friends Forever - Old 97s - Okay, little shout out: Ken, the lead guitarist, almost became my brother in law. He has an awesome collection of accordians, too. Moving on. Buffy just dropped the ball, huh? Willow with her little ice-cream nose, doing what she could to keep her eyes on the mission-and Xander- and Buff comes back. *sigh* But Willow is the best kind of friend you could have. I mean, she pulls bullets out of you with her MIND.
2. We Can Run Away Now They're All Dead - Snow Patrol - This is another band that I absolutely adore. And has a terrific soundtrack feel to their songs, as well. Shout out to Dead Man's Party! And that ultimately, the trio will pull back together.
3. A Cautionary Tale - The Decemberists - Oh, this song is so wrong and so funny. And Band Candy makes me happy. "Real Juice Newton." Oh, Joyce... And Ripper!! Nnnguh.
4. Fathers, Be Good To Your Daughters - John Mayer - Hank! Ted! Back off my girl. And ultimately, Joyce sacrificed her own love life to focus on her girl. I... I love Joyce. Can you tell?
5. Burn The Witch - Queens of the Stone Age - Shout out to Gingerbread! Oh, Willow's mother is CHILLING in that, right?
6. Fugitive Motel (R2D2 Remix) - Elbow - Oh, Faith. I could almost hate Buffy, too, when you can see her trying to control her distaste at the seedy joint where Faith is calling home.
7. The Soldiering Life - The Decemberists - This song - by a group that you should buy all of their albums - is sooo slashy. And I have a deep love of Faith/Buffy. From a Faith POV. Falling asleep looking at each other while the war rages all around... The bonds of soldiers in wartime.
8. All The Things She Said - Tatu - Heh. Remember how I just said Faith/Buffy? Yeah. And yes, I know the Russians were fabricated, but I can't help it! It's so catchy.
9. A Better Son/Daughter - Rilo Kiley - From Faith's POV? From Buffy's? Where the HELL is Buffy's dad? And Buffy slipped on the path to righteousness for a bit, but ultimately she got it back together. You know, after Faith killed a guy.
10. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes - Asia - Shout out to The Zeppo! I love that Buffy and Angel mocked the dramatic romance they have in this ep. It deserves a little shout out. Off topic: I watched this video when I was younger every single time it came on. The English cars! The little blonde girl with a dolly! Okay. Moving on from Dorkville.
11. Eaten By The Monster of Love - Sparks - Shout out to Xander and the fantasing of Joyce. And every single woman within a two mile radius. Best song from the movie "Valley Girl" hands down.
12. In The Crossfire - Starsailor - "I don't see myself when I look in the mirror. I see who I should be" I think each of the Scoobies feel this way with each other. And I'm going to say the same for Faith. Which is why she loves/hates Buffy. And same for Buffy with Faith. I cannot stress enough how great this band is. (eta: not all songs are gold, but the ones that are? Bellisima!)
13. City of Blinding Lights - U2 - Prom! Oh, Prom is so achey and lovely and... Giles! And Willow looks so pretty! And Angel and Buffy dancing for the last... *wipes small tear*
14. The Blood is Love - Queens of the Stone Age - Wait, still have work to do. And then Angel goes and almost dies. Needs the blood of a slayer... Whoa. Season Three may be my most favorite of all. Yeah - yeah, it is.
15. Rain City - Turin Brakes - Angel, swirling coat, leaves. Life goes on. All the way to college. Where Buffy whiens a bit and UGH. Get a grip. Oh, there you are! (Klimt! Hee hee, Sue!)
16. Secret Agent Man - Johnny Rivers - Riley! Worst. Haircut. Ever. Bowl cut? Kinda greasy? But then they put him in fatigues and- Rawr. Man with a PLAN!
17. Missionary Man - Eurythmics This could go for either of them, really. Both dedicated to the mission more than each other, ultimately.
18. Little Sister - Queens of the Stone Age - Um... where the hell did SHE come from? "Moving behind the shadow..." Nice. And I love this band, too. The lead singer looks like a cross between Craig Kilborn and Conan O'Brien. Yeah, I know that has nothing to do with anything, I'm just saying.

Disc Three

Love Stinks. Life Stinks. Gotta Go To Work.

1. They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! - Sufjan Stevens - Riley is exposed to the harsh truth of The Initiative. Great great great song. (They're spelling Illinois, which is close to Iowa, but who the hell sings about Iowa?)
2. Like The Way I Do - Melissa Etheridge - Oh, Spike, you utter shit. But... Buffy needed to know that Riley was, um, offering himself to others, right? Oh, the angst!
3. And I Am Telling You - Jennifer Holliday - Buffy running hell-bent to stop a helicopter. (okay, just an aside, but she has the WORST form for a runner. You can tell she jogs on a treadmill. I'm just saying. Loosen those hips! Drop your shoulders! Oh, and lose the high heels.)
4. Criminal - Fiona Apple - Heh. Riley? Or... Spike? "You're beneath me." BITCH. Love it.
5. The Portrait of a Lady - Wojciech Kilar - *sob* Joyce. I've said it before, but Anya trying to figure out why she won't just get up, won't get back into her body and it's mortal and stupid and... *cries bitterly*
6. Mother I Miss You - Toni Braxton - Maudlin and cheesy, but I bet Buffy listened to it. A lot. And Toni Braxton has a gorgeous voice.
7. Paranoid Android - Radiohead - Still have this crazy hell-god to fight, however. Oh, and there's this little thing about me being trapped in my head because I killed my sister. I'll get right on that killing thing. Tomorrow.
8. With A Little Help From My Friends - The Beatles - Glorified carpenter. And accomplished bowler. And Willow with the power and... *sobs with the missing of this show*
9. Live and Let Die - Paul McCartney and Wings - Giles. Knowing Buffy wouldn't kill Ben. Knowing he doesn't need the same set of morals. And MAN that was just cold and... God, I love Giles.
10. I Would Die For You - Prince - Swan dive. Still absolutely one of the best hours on TV. And I still want to pull her pants out of the crack of her ass everytime I watch that scene. But still. This song is uplifting and makes me think of that little smile she gives...
11. Soul Meets Body - Death Cab For Cutie - Well, please. And thanks to sdwolfpup for turning me on the DCFC.
12. Please Sister - The Cardigans - Dawn, trying to help, not whining, so damn happy to have her real sister, flesh and bone to be there for her, instead of carefully crawling past wires and the feel of room temperature rubber against her cheek when she's overwhelmed with sadness at night because Willow and Tara love her, sure, but they aren't family, and... *sobs*
13. Missing - Beck - For the record, this was the song that stopped everything. I had a basic outline for this mix, then I bought Beck's new album early this summer. This song is so perfectly early Spike/Buffy. "I prayed to Heaven today - bring its hammer down on me." Something's missing, but you're here. And... yeah. Take the pieces and put them together and you know there's still something missing.
14. Addiction - Kanye West - Oh, dear GOD do I love Kanye. "Why does everything that's supposed to be bad, make me feel so good?" This is the funkiest, grooviest, hippest song for baaaaaadness.
15. I Want You But I Don't Need You - Momus - Heh. I'm not going to tell you anything nice. Well, you know you want me. Nuh uh! *humps*
16. Dirty Life - IMA Robot - Man, they got away with sooooo much on this show! Blush-worthy stuff. Niiiice.
17. Broke Phi Broke - Kanye West skit - Um, Buffy? Tara and I are sponging off you, and you have no money. Go to work while we go to school and live here for free, okay? (Srsly - pay some rent, girls!)
18. That Smell - Lynrd Skynrd - God Damn Double Meat Palace. Ahahahaha.
19. Poor Misguided Fool - Starsailor - I'm using you. And it's killing me. Goodbye, William.

Disc Four

End Days

1. Never There - Cake - Dawn POV. Yeah, she was whiney and such, but she was a young girl - who the hell is watching her??
2. Let The Bodies Hit the Floor - Drowning Pool - Buffy in an asylum? Sunnydale is the dream? One- nothing wrong with me. Two- nothing wrong with me...
3. Mad World - Tears For Fears - Willow's on drugs, Xander's leaving Anya at the altar, Dawn's a shit, Spike is... Well. And Tara. *moment alone for Tara's horrible end.*
4. Creep - Radiohead - Dark!Willow bemoaning her lack of anything good because the only thing good was Tara and what Tara thought and... (ooh, there's a live version of this by Muse that would totally work, too.)
5. London Calling - The Clash - Giles shows up in a blaze of glory. One of the best cliffhangers in the show's history.
6. Jumper - Third Eye Blind - Xander! Yellow crayon! "Hey, world's ending - where else am I gonna be?"
7. Shopping For Blood - Franz Ferdinand - Willow, back from England, off to get blood for crazy Spike. And...
8. Sarah Michelle Gellar - Mumps - Runs into Andrew! Ha ha ha! This song is awesome. They even pronounce it vam-PYRE like him. Any Tom Lenk fans know of a connection to this group and him? Awesome, funny stuff.
9. Every Man Is An Orphan - The Bogmen - OooooOOOOh. This song is GREAT. Buffy - finding out about the first slayer. What must be done. What's coming up. How she's all alone in the task, ultimately. or not. (And this works for Connor, too. And they both have similarities, don't they? I'm going to a naughty place.)
10. Cry Me A River (remix) - Justin Timberlake - Gratuitous, yes. Shut it - I love Justin. The boy has MOVES. And the girls threw her OUT! Of her HOUSE! And Faith is the cool step-parent that takes the girls out and...
11. Brighter Than Sunshine - Aqualung - "I love you." No you don't. But thanks for saying it. I can feel it... my soul. Excellent, although hard, ending for Spike. (Shh. We're focusing on BtVS.)
12. Cities in Dust - Siouxsie and the Banshees - I know some people like to mock the running across the tops of the buildings as the city sinks into the abyss, but. I LOVED it. And we're to assume the crater was the size of the underground lair of the First and the Ubervamps, and DUDE. That was huge. If Spike didn't do the thing with the Liza Minelli chain? Multi-slayers or no, they would have been toast. "What a feeling in my soul, love burns brighter than sunshine."
13. Spinning - Zero7 - I put this at the end of the Faith mix, and it's a great ending. For Faith. This is a great song for Buffy to survey what's just happened and what it means.
14. Further On Down The Road - Taj Mahal - Tiny smile. (I love that tiny smile of hers at the end.) Everybody standing behind her. Bittersweet ending. Damn, I miss my dead show.

And do you have any idea how hard it was to not re-use songs from the other 20 some-odd mixes?

Playlist for your Printer - fonts embedded.

[ETA 2:] RTF version of playlist for those without Word Perfect.
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