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Good Morning!!

I completely missed that yesterday was desoto_hia873's birthday. meep! Happy Birthday!

A quick thanks to those of you who mentioned that you were downloading the Buffy Mix, and a bigger thanks to those who told me what they thought about it. (Infinitely more important! I wanna talk music, yo!) Speaking of, I got the Faith mix uploaded as one big file (not as large as Buffy's only 230 MB) And you can download it

[ETA] This is not working - new file currently loading H E R E. That's good for about 300-350 downloads. Sweeeet.
Here is the playlist in word perfect for printing.
And here it is in RTF format.

It'll take me a bit to get that broken into small files and uploaded, for those that I know need that, so hang on a bit. And H E R E is where the original post with the why and wherefore of what's on it.

Number one. I realized that there isn't ENOUGH bad fic. Wait. Hear me out. There are two images that just haven't been utilized, and they are PERFECT for bad fic. Pulling out. HANG ON, I said! There should be the following descriptions in a pull out fic to properly make me cackle like a loon work:

  • "Angel pulled out, his milky extraction leaving a contrail in the air and across Spike's alabaster back flesh."

  • "Spike pulled himself out with barely enough time, making a rooster tail of semen from Xanders love hole."

Good morning! Okay, enough of that. I watched a bunch of movies this weekend. All but one were CRAP.

Crash - No, no, not the one with Jennifer Connelly and company, I made the mistake of getting the WRONG one. The one with James Spader (looking Blaine-riffic) and a LAUGHABLE Roseanne Arquette. OH MY GOD. I fast forwarded through this clap trap to see if there was anything salvagable, and when I saw Roseanne shambling in on leg braces tyring to seduce a car salesman... AHHHH! Okay, I believe that differently abled people should be grossly offended by this movie. And this is coming from the person who typed "rooster tail of semen." Horrible and pretentious - like a three year old who learned a four syllable word.

Far From Heaven - Booooring. The lasciviousness isn't naughty enough to warrant a shock, and the wall of emotion the wife has from the beginning just gets pits in it - it never crumbles. Oh, sure, she cries when her friend realizes things aren't perfect, but... It just rang hollow. I started FF through this one, too. Although it has the added bonus of Dennis Quaid - I reeeeally like him. He's a nice man - Mr. S has had beers with him - but the movie was just trying way too hard. This idea has been done before and better. Although the way they disguised Julianne Moore's pregnancy with her dresses was amazing.

In The Mood For Love - Oh, what a BEAUTIFUL movie. This is a Chinese film, and is part of a series - the sequel is 2046, and I'm waiting for that on my queue. Very quiet, very subtle, and I just ached for the leads. Tony Leung is so handsome and stoic and flawed and... There's a scene where he whispers his secret into a hole and I just sighed. Very arthouse, slow, but lovely. What I loved about it was it dealt with infidelity as a real thing - as it was happening. No nudity, nothing of that sort, it's all inuendo. But the infidelity carries some actual weight, which doesn't happen in Hollywood movies. It's always something you do because you should - you should experience this! - and then you deal with the aftermath. That's the Hollywood method. But this movie deals with the reality of the lonliness it creates at home, the feeling of inadequacy... I really enjoyed it. And Maggie Cheung is absolutely gorgeous and she'll make you ache with her stoicness and lonliness.

Again, good morning! *is jazzed for the day!*
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