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Second Try for Faith Mix...

GAH. Okay, ya try and do something nice...

Here is the complete Faith CD. It should be good for 30 days from the time of the last download. Original post with the whys and whatnot.

Playlist in Word Perfect
Playlist in RTF.

I'll have the smaller files up later today.


University of Phoenix

In other news... is anyone watching the BBC program, Viva Blackpool? I'm not sure if I love it, or if I'm just watching a tremendous trainwreck. Of course, I've only seen one episode, so- Hmm. Although I appreciated the use of The Smiths - but the couple singing an angry rock song while having sex? A bit distracting. (For those that don't know about this, think Cop Rock. But British. And with casinos. Yeah, I know.) And now I want to watch Mile High if only for gratuitous sex that seems to be on every British import to America. Hooray! *hums "God Save The Queen"*

Arrested Development continues to be the funniest damn show on the television. The use of "Wait for it..." as the camera pulls back? Tobias' changing hair? And who knew Charlize Theron could be so damn funny? All of the Godzilla stuff with Lucille coming in grunting? Ahahaha! I must have said the name Bob Loblaw a hundred times last night. And laughed every time. Yes, I'm lonely when my husband's gone, what of it? Oh, the sheer brilliance of that show...

Sue? If I sent you Connor fic - would you beta?

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