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Mixed Bag and picspam!

First, today is my sister's birthday. She's 87. HA HA HA!! Oh, MAN. We all suffer get reminded constantly about her birthday, *cough* it MUST BE CELEBRATED, OMG. Happy b-day, Tiff.

NOW. I have been specifically avoiding the latest Battle to the Death about women, men, and the evil wrought online in the name of smut/fantasy/whatever. Mainly because I have seen the light with kerfuffles. The Jossverse don't know NOTHING about wank. Know who does? Harry Potter fandom. Oh my GOD. They are wank-tastic. Best thing read on journalfen yesterday (entrenous88 already got this from me, sorry):

I'm thinking of joining the HP fandom.
"Hello I'm new here. I like HP."
Hello, new fan. Who is your favorite character?

HP/Wank is totally my new OTP. And to give you a laugh, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD/ALLAH/CHEESECAKE, read this. This may be old news to many of you, but it NEVER gets old. (Summaries from the best of the worst HP fics on Señor Draco. That alone tells you everything. Hurry! I'll still be here. Ahahahaha!!! TEARS of laughter.) And how much do I love my cherusha for always pointing me to the best things? Sooooo much!!

Okay, I suck when it comes to a) taking pictures, b) getting said pictures developed, c) there is no Dana, only Zool. Anyone? Wh ya gonna call?

These are pics from our summer vacation in Florida. Sugar sand beaches. NICE. First up is the view from our hotel. Awesome balcony right on the beach, on a corner, so no nosy neighbors next to us. Unadulterated view of the beach and water. *cough* And the college-aged surfer boys who set up the chairs and umbrellas every morning while I sipped my coffee. What? TANNED DARK SKIN AND FLOPPY HAIR. Guh.

In lieu of neighbors, we had the Gulfarium (you have to say that like Planeh-arium from South Park) to our left. Isn't it EXCITING? People flocked here. To see birds. That were on the beach already. Okay. They did have seals inside, and they'd come out at night, so that was fun to watch. Gulf-arium.

This is a family pic (omg - Mr. S is wearing his HORRIBLE Tony Soprano shirt that I hate, do not hold it against him! Normally he is Brooks Brothers and finery!) at a beach-side restaurant where everything was fried. UGH. Just what you want on a hot day. BUT. Right after we took this pic (the last on the roll of film) 10 PIRATE SHIPS WENT PAST. I am NOT exaggerating. It's a huge thing every year. It's AWESOME. I'll get pics next year. PIRATE SHIPS!!! My son about passed out. Wimp.

Here's a pic from mother's day with my mother in law. HERE SHE IS. Looking overjoyed as always to be in my presence. Anyone who makes the comparison of a female Roger Ebert gets my undying love and possibly a cash prize. I think she may have pulled out a wet-nap to wipe her arm from where I touched her. Or scrubbed furiously in the bathroom. I can't remember. Ah, love. I'm in charge of the home she ends up in. She hasn't figured that part out yet.

And finally, the kids after I have told them we're selling them all for scientific experiments. Just got too expensive. Nope, sorry. Had to be done. Love you all, but... Well. Hurry up! Pack your things. *insert backflipping nuns and musical number here *

That's the ER haircut we had to give The Boy when he thought it would be fun to play with dad's razor and his bangs. I'm looking forward to blackmailing him in HS with that pic. And Emily! SHE IS EVIL!! She's like CHUCKY!! (that's the middle kid, for those not playing along at home.)

HAVE FUN TO DAY!! I mean, look at Spock! He is OVERJOYED!! is it wrong that I never ever get tired of my own mood theme? Is that narcissistic? I DECLARE TODAY A DAY OF FUNNEH AND JOY AND SILLINESS. Spread the word. *muwah!*
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