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Where Mah BadDrityWrong Girls At? RPS fic for you...

Well. I just felt the need to write sex, apparently. With Vincent, of course. Thanks to crazydiamondsue as usual for providing beta. She always knows just where I'm going to screw up and fixes it right smart.

Title: The Script
Author: Stoney321
Summary: RPS/F: Charisma Carpenter, Vincent Kartheiser, David Boreanaz: the day they all get the script for Season Four's "Apocolypse Nowish"
Disclaimer: No money is made off of my fantasty about celebrities having kinky naughty sex, and this is all a figment of my brain fever. Any semblance to real persons just means I did a decent job, but that's all, Mr. Nice Lawyer Man. And if you don't like RPS, why the hell have you read this far? Move along and save your brain and kittens everywhere. RPS KILLS KITTENS!

The Script

Vince walked into Charisma's dressing room, closed the door so a small crack remained, and hugged her from behind. "Hey, Char. Did you get your script yet?"

Charisma put her lipstick back on the dressing table, and hugged Vince's skinny arms. "Hey, Baby! Sure did. Uh, whoa. Right?"

Vince slid around her and sat on the edge of her make-up table, his hands to either side and head hanging, his chin titled a bit as he peeked out from beneath his bangs at her. "Yeah, guess Joss wants to get all Oedipal and Greek tragedy on us, huh?"

She laughed lightly. She had learned not to pretend she knew half the shit Vince talked about. Not that he was so much younger than she was, but he obviously enjoyed school and she was- well, she wore her Laker's Cheerleader past with pride. Now Vince was talking about scheduling and she tuned him out to stare at his mouth while he spoke. Vince. Never Vinnie, because that made her think of Vinnie Babarino and how hot John Travolta used to be before he got fat and freaky.

" - so I think we should practice to make it look right."

"Hmm? Make it look right?"

Vince laughed and bumped her leg with his knee. "You weren't listening. Okay, so if we're supposed to be all into each other and having sex, I mean, you know. I don't want to just walk in and start filming and dry humping you in front of everyone. We should figure out what we're comfortable with."

"Wait, whoa- What? We dry hump each other?" Charisma grabbed her script and actually read it this time, instead of counting lines. "What the fuck?"

She quickly scanned over the page with the directions: Connor and Cordelia make love as hell-fire rains from the sky all around them and Angel glowers in the-

"Angel?? They want David to be watching us? Did we get bumped over to Skin-emax and no one told me?"

Vince's laugh was soft and breathy, and his head turned to the side. "No. Hey, I want us to be comfortable with each other, okay? I mean, I've done this sort of thing before, and it can feel weird so... Well. I thought we should make ourselves more comfortable with each other."

"Huh. I just bet you did."

Vince looked right at her and smirked. "Not my type, sweetheart. If I'm going to be with a woman? I want to be the one in charge."

Charisma pinked at that and fussed with her hair. She had heard the rumors of course, and had heard the noises from his dressing room, but never saw who was in there with the kid. "Are you just wanting to make out or something? What the hell, Vince?"

Vince ignored that and picked up her lipgloss, unscrewed the wand and sniffed at the tube.

"Hey - do not wear this when we shoot, okay? What is that, cherry?"

Charisma laughed and snatched it out of his hand. "No! It doesn't have a smell, jackass."

"Okay, good. See, I want us to be comfortable like this. And then things just.. progress. It's weird, because Connor has never been with anyone before, but he feels very connected to you because you were the first to like him for being him and not because he was Angel's child, so there's love wrapped up with uncertainty and of course, you're totally fucking hot."

Vince smiled and took Charisma's hand, thumb stroking over the pad at the base of her thumb. She smiled back at him and thought about how to approach the scene.

"So, do I know that Angel is watching?"

"No. Neither of us do."

Charisma was so focused on the warm tickle over her hand and the way that Vince's tongue darted out to wet his lower lip before being caught in his teeth that she didn't hear the small squeak behind her as the door widened just an inch. She did see Vince's eyes close a bit, his shoulders relax, and assumed when he tugged her hand, drawing her to stand close to him that she was having an effect on the kid. It wouldn't be the first time a co-worker wanted to be with her. David. But she wouldn't turn into a Sarah. She had left her casting couch and banging co-worker days behind her and was now a professional, thank you very much.

A broad hand circled her waist, fingertips digging into skin for a moment, trying to get her body closer. Those lips were very red and very full, and he kept wetting them discreetly, and she couldn't take her eyes off of them. It was shocking because they had never done this before, but it was not unwanted when he tilted his head and his bangs tickled her cheek and those full lips parted slightly, and that tongue wet her lips just before contact with his mouth, and they were sliding gently over hers, his hand was sliding up her back and it was so wide and strong and it pulled her up against his small frame. When he softly exhaled into her mouth and his tongue traced the edge of her lower lip she let her hands hold his ribcage just under the wide part of his chest. As he shifted and tilted his head the other way and deepened the kiss, his tongue slipped into her mouth to stroke against hers and she found her thumbs rubbing softly over his nipples, fingertips clutching at him when she felt them respond.

She sucked his lower lip in between her teeth and he pulled back.

"No. That's wrong. I don't think they're doing this for sensual pleasure. It's about connecting, about not being alone."

Charisma flushed and bit back a biting remark - wrong? Oh, honey it ain't wrong if I do it. Shit. This is preparation, Char. God. "Oh, right. Virgin and inexperienced and mother figure and FUCK that is weird."

Vince reached up and tucked a loose strand of hair back behind her ear. Her hair was growing out into a bob. Vince liked how it had looked when he first joined the cast. Really short but a little long in front. Long hair got in his face and mouth. "No, what's weird is having my "dad" watching us. What's Joss trying to say with that?" Charisma didn't trust that smirk on his face. She got the impression that there was a double meaning, but she could never tell with him.

She sat back in her chair, grabbed a tissue and blotted her smeared make-up. "Like I have any idea what that midget is thinking."

More of Vince's breathy laughter. "Nice. Better not let him hear you say that." Vince was looking at something over her shoulder, but she didn't want him to think she was paying too close attention to him, so she leaned forward and reapplied her eyeliner, eyes too focused on her task to notice something moving past the partly opened door.

Vince was standing. He brushed her hair back off her forehead and placed a soft, sweet kiss at her hairline, and laid his head on top of hers for a moment. "Okay. I'm going to work on my lines. See you in an hour?"

She smiled up at him. "Sure, baby."

She bit and sucked on her lip for a few minutes and did not notice something missing from her makeup bag.


David unbuckled his pants, pulled himself through the fly of his briefs and gripped himself one-handed. "Quit pulling your hair back. I like it when it hangs in your face."

Vince shook his head slightly to make his longish hair fall forward, so it covered his ears and tickled his long eyelashes. David ran his thumb over the tip of his cock, reached up and drew it firmly over Vinnie's lower lip, a small moan when the boy caught the thick, rough pad with his teeth, tongue flattening and rubbing over it to draw it into his soft mouth. David pulled his hand back, and stroked the slit of his cock with his wet thumb. Vinnie leaned forward, eyes hazy and girlish lashes fluttering over his eyes. David jerked his head back.

"Did you get it?" He continued to stroke, hand crossing over, twisting around the thick head, back down to the root and up again.

Vinnie pulled a small something out of his pocket and replied a little breathlessly, "Yeah."

"Touch me."

Vinnie reached out, not breaking eye contact and danced his fingertips under the stiff shaft, flattening his fingers and rubbing them firmly down, fingertips tangling in the nest of curls at its base. "Vinnie- ." A warning. He turned his hand over and ran his fingernails over the rough skin at its base, tugging gently on the short hairs while David continued to stroke himself. Vinnie moved his face closer, breathed in David's cologne at his neck, waiting for David to decide it was okay.

David rubbed his rough cheek against Vinnie's, pulled back and looked at the red blossoming over the boy's fair skin. Vinnie stood up on his tip-toes and rocked forward, trying to touch his lips to David's. David turned his head at the last minute and caught Vinnie's earlobe in his teeth, suckled at it and whispered, "Put it on."

A tiny whine, and Vinnie took a step back, let go of David, and unscrewed the cap, pulled the wand out and rubbed the cushioned tip back and forth over his mouth, eyes intent on David. Vinnie parted his lips, stuck his lower lip out slightly, dipped the wand back into the tube and applied an additional coating of gloss. When David reached out, grabbed the boy's belt roughly and yanked it free from his pants, shoving the baggy denim down over sharp hipbones, Vinnie let the gloss clatter to the floor and leaned back against the wall, hand rubbing against the growing bulge in his briefs, his eyes intent on David.

Again, a thumb to Vinnie's lip, but it was rough, digging, wiping the gloss off. David kissed him then, turning the boy's slight frame sideways and moving behind him, slick thumb working its way between the cleft in his ass, fingers digging into the meaty muscle. At first there was only the sound of a belt buckle jangling from its loop. Then a small whine when lips were separated - necessary to get positioned. A groan when, finally, David was able to slide up and in, his thrusts causing the metal of his belt to rhythmically squeak until Vinnie bent forward, rose up on his toes and pushed back, his thighs silencing the noise.

David slid his hand up creamy skin, grabbed a fist full of soft brown hair, baby soft and silky, and tugged, bending Vinnie into an almost impossible arch and kissing him ferociously, nipping and licking at full, red, swollen lips. Vinnie hissed at the sharp tearing pain at his scalp and David finally let go, one hand holding the boy's shoulder, the other at the hip, keeping him immobile while he spent his need in silence, save for his rhythmic breathing.

David bent his knees and curled further over Vinnie's smooth back, roughened cheek pressing into the hollow of the boy's shoulder blades, the hands at small nipples almost spanned the boy's entire chest as he arched up again and again, finally shuddering out a low groan as his orgasm began to wane. No tender kisses or thanks or gratitude, no being held, just David slipping out, using a few craft-services napkins to clean himself off, tuck back in and button up.

"Did you read the script?"

"Not all the way through. Why?"

Vinnie grabbed a few napkins off the nearby table and cleaned himself off, then pulled his pants back up. "Because I'm going to fuck Cordy. While you watch."

David's hand came to a stop over his mouth where he was making sure there were no traces of lip gloss. "Is that right?"

"Yeah. I thought you had read it, is all. You were a bit... well. So, yeah, that's today's shoot."

David's eyes glowered a bit, hands dropped and loose at his sides. He took a few steps towards Vinnie, nudged him against the wall with his good knee and kissed him softly, thumb stroking the puckered corner of the boy's mouth, other hand sliding up to tangle back into fine, dark hair. "Think about that while you're filming. And this."

David slid his hand between their bodies and traced the edge of Vinnie's erection with the back of his hand. "If you come back with eyeliner, I'll put it in my mouth this time."

David took two steps backwards, spun on his heel and walked out of the room after a quick glance down the hall to make sure the coast was clear. Vinnie leaned back against the wall, one arm thrown up over his head, looking off to the side at nothing. A glint on the floor caught his eye - the tube of cheap lip gloss. A quick bend at the waist, swipe with fingertips, and it was back in his hand, thumb stroking over the groove where the lid met the tube. Vinnie slipped it in his pocket for safekeeping, lit a smoke, tossed his smokes and lighter on the dressing room table and headed out to set to film the scene where he fucks his mom while his dad watches.


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  • Welp. That's that.

    That's going to be a hard-no on the agreement. I'm migrating to Dreamwidth, Stoney321, but I doubt I'll update much, just as I do currently.…

  • Random

    Back from a quick and mostly unplanned trip to DC for the girls' Spring Break. The Mr. threw it all together and sprung it on us last minute. It was…

  • Wednesday Random

    For whatever reason, I scheduled a million (three) appointments with various doctors yesterday and felt like a prize-winning pig by the end of it.…