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Hee hee!!! Happy DAY!

Who needs funny baby names? I GOT YOUR FUNNY BABY NAMES RIGHT HERE.

In my RPG (a_list_celebs), Will is trying to help Gwyneth Paltrow name her new baby (yes, Gwyn is rumored to be pregnant again in RL.) Can't wimp out after Apple! And then I remembered a website karabair and crazydiamondsue told me about last year and started laughing my ass off again. Man, NO ONE comes up with better names than bored Utah housewives fixin' to have #6. Can't have a block full of Brandons and Shellys running around. TREASURE COCAINE. That's a friggin' NAME. Legal name. Also: Halleh Lujah. Oh, man, that makes me sooo happy. So much better than Teighlorre and Seannah. Or Mykheal. Or Byhlle. Jhahn, hard "j" sound, please. Hee! My lovely daughter, Treasure Cocaine Gubler.

You know what would be awesome? If someone applied to become Larry David or Mel Gibson or Posh Spice or Cher over at A-List. Oh, the possibilities for laughter. *cough* Or Dolly Parton. *cough* Check out the user info page here if you are interested in applying.

FRIDAY!!!!! I am OVERJOYED today. Mr. S called a bit ago, he got an EARLY FLIGHT HOME, which means he'll be home TODAY and not TOMORROW and then he'll be home for THREE STRAIGHT WEEKS. Have to admit I cried a little. I have MISSED my man. Didn't even realize how much until it hit me that I didn't have to send him back off right when the laundry got folded. Hooray!

HAPPY DAY! Let's get pissed! [/So I Married an Axe Murderer] *pours you all yummy drinks*
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