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More Gud Summres

I told you. I warned you, didn't I? I've barely gone through 100 pages out of 900, so... May your days... be merry...and bright! And may all the summres not be right. Err... Again, idea stolen from mctabby who started it with the far superior Harry Potter fandom. (throw out those spell checkers, Jossverse fans! Drag out your Big Chief Tablets from school! Or type up the song-fic you carved into your desk that one year!) Previous entry with icon links here.

This is a compilation of terrifically entertaining summaries from various fanfiction websites. This is NOT about mocking authors, and I don't condone name calling. I have not read the fics in question, they could be works of art. Ahem. This is about coming across a story and how the author tries to entice you to read it. Or scroll by quickly.

Bullet-point list and ICONS! under the cut.

  • two old friends meet for the very first time

  • I already said it sucks!!!!

  • Why Adam did what he did and why he killed Maggie Walsh (not a song-fic)

  • Spike has a new experience.

  • PG for one word LOL.

  • Well it's a..mmh..ordinary day in Sunnydale.

  • Love can be a promise or a curse. Pray that it's never both.

  • The fourth story in my loosely related series. Willow and Tara are waiting for a pizza... (Stoney: Fourth? They should TOTALLY get that pizza for free.)

  • A time-travelin', rollickin', roller-coaster, all-singing, all-dancing story.

  • Buffy and Spike yack about personal preferences, identity - and disco.

  • A cute little song set to the tune of "you are my special angel" about an issue I have with the series.

  • Enjoy.

  • Buffy and Co. sing a song from Disney's Hercules.

  • Dawn ends up doing it by the grave of soneone.

  • Did I mention it's a Riley-bashing fic?

  • The red-headed stepchild of all crossovers. BtVS, ST-DS9, Highlander, X-Files, Star Wars, ST-TNG, L&C, etc. etc. etc. Many inconsistencies, but hey, what the hey. Unfortunately, no part of this story involves Angel and a lightsaber.

  • Leia searches for answers to her past. Don't know who Leia is? You'll have to read to find out then, won't you?

  • Xander has issues.

  • Willow *hates* storms, as do I.

  • Buffy goes to see Angel after graduation and stuff happens. Not the stuff you think. Well, sort of the stuff you think. But, not. Did that make sense?

  • Willow stuff. Selfish Buffy stuff. Tara stuff. It's just a lot of stuff.

  • Don't ask.

  • I've got the cold from Hell, so I gave it to Buffy, too. Oh and I made her pregnant, too. :)

  • Five years in the making, a hero is born through the eyes of one Watcher.

  • What is he? to find out!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Parker won't know what hit him!

  • Was it means to be the Slayer.

  • SHE is done playing. And now SHE must put HER toys away.

  • Major character death. Rated PG-13 for swearing.

  • A folk song about death.

  • Angels a cop Buffy's a thief. he on her trail.

  • I don't own anything...except most of the ideas.

  • Xander is sort of being stalked.

  • Buffy's life is getting back to normal and Dawn is learning to skateboard.

  • Warning: horror poetry (oh please, oh please, SOMEONE make this icon .)

  • Emotions. Feelings. Stuff.

  • If I told you, you wouldn't have to read it.

  • Spike bids his woman goodbye. Almost a sad fic.

  • I'm only sending it here because it's BAAAAAAAD so...

  • Gold bless my uncle's computer.

  • Buffy's daughter is missing... that's about it.

  • Sap warning in the form of a song fic. See how easily Joss could fix his mistake?

  • Spike. A doorstep. Alanis Morrisette. Angst.

  • The incredible, gripping, powerful tale of two vampires and their journey to self-discovery, love and laughter. Yeah, okay. (I love this one. It's probably a funny fic. Hee!)

  • No really summery.

  • Song-fic. Angst with a note of hope. (Oh, you clever minx.)

  • Spike is dead. But not completely. Kinda sad.

  • Angel reflects. (Ahem.)

  • It's PG-13 cuz of the's really neat.

  • Comical hijinks ensue in perhaps the worst buffy fan fic ever!!

  • *Warning!* I was hyper when I wrote this!

  • Riley gets killed in the most inhumane way HA HA.

  • Stupid conversations a plenty.

  • Buffy goes to fat camp!

  • don't ask why Spike can walk around in daylight he just can ok?

  • kind of angsty but not really. *warning: angst*

  • I was feeling unusually cruel tonight.

  • I was high on lollypops when I wrote this ^__^

  • Someone goes back in time. Why?

  • Dark humor, drunken Welshman and prebuscent kleptomaniacs - all in a Victorian London setting.

  • Written to "She's like the wind" by Patrick Swayze.

  • Buffy home from her sabbital.

  • Instead of coming here the gang go there

  • I think I was hopped up on Koolaide when I wrote this.

  • Someone becomes the Incredible Hulk!!!!

  • Plot speaks for itself.

  • Read (if you can) and enjoy.

  • Xander has one of those days. (Is this a menstrual fic? What?)

  • Gladys can't stop her feelings... but she knows she and Spike are not right, or are they? (five bucks says you can guess the author's name.)

  • Angel comes to town to kill that inbred, buck-toothed, Iowan schmuck that Buffy's been dating.

  • Angel meets Buffy for the first time ooOOoo.

  • I don't get all complicated about how she returns. I just needed her back so *poof* she was.


  • I wrote it when I was Ten

  • My drug induced (Chocolate and German Food) ramblings... Xander, Buffy, Teletubbies, good old fashioned Riley bashing, Papa Smurf and of course, the Pilsbery doughboy.

  • Pre-slash.

  • I was getting a bit depressed.. so I decided to do something fun and bloody.

  • Dawn get's a hold of one of joyces old records. Wakyness. Along the lines of Bad Crack fic and Waky fic.

  • I have no idea which season this is set in, except it has Faith and Riley in it...but really it makes no sense, had no plot, so... it doesn't really matter.

  • It's summertime in Sunnydale and the Gang has a picnic. Spike and Dawn serve up some trouble. (Let's see if the Gang can...ketchup!)

  • Between five and six.

  • "Angel, you dork!" parody of Jenny Calendars death

  • How it started and why it's not over.

  • Buffy's child makes a phone call. It's not as boring as it sounds.

And now? The icons! (if you make some of your own, lemme know and I'll link to you on this post - if you want to share, that is.)

1.Image hosted by 2.Image hosted by 3.Image hosted by 4. Image hosted by

5.Image hosted by 6.Image hosted by 7.Image hosted by 8.Image hosted by

Want? Take. Steal. Abscond. Pilfer. Toss my name on them somewhere. Then go eat. Plot? Ok.

Yin has put up some new icons here and if you go back an entry, there's more. Whee!
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