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Well, if you were me, you'd wish you were YOU. In about.... 3 hours. *sigh* NO. Wrong attitude. I will plug myself into a book, I will ignore her muttering her instructions for cooking over and over and over and.... I will ignore her enabling my children to be BRATS, I will lick spoons when she isn't looking, just so I know I am fighting against her obsessive her germ-war, although covertly.

I baked a cheesecake last night (crazydiamondsue's flawless recipe, I thank you) and tomorrow I will make my own Parker house rolls, brine my own Kosher turkey, make my own cornbread stuffing and sides, because I am Southern, and I require the FOOD OF MY PEOPLE on this hallowed of occassions. Or, the day we've all decided that calories can go to hell. Mmmm. Acorn squash au gratin. Will I have that today? No. I will have steamed green beans with no seasonings. I will have stuffing from a box. And I will have powdered mashed potatoes. *lip wobble* I will be strong.

For those of you who may need the medicine that fixes everything - laughter - this evening, my celebrity parody comm a_list_celebs (and make no mistake - we've got it back to parody status for those who were scratching your heads at the... serious storylines at the old joint - is going to have another Celebrity Jeopardy. Wheee! Sean Connery! Jennifer Aniston! Gwyneth Paltrow! Ben Affleck! Vanessa Paradis! Johnny Depp! And many, many more. (and we're taking applications for new celebs, for those that like writing cracked out silliness - check the user info page for wanted celebs)

I leave you with Gus Van Sant's film of William S. Burrough's Thanksgiving Prayer. (streaming from the host's site) Funny will return this eve when it is MOST REQUIRED. And so? I flail. *flails*

(psst: how about a monkey washing a cat? hee!!)
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