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Mmmm. Soup and book kind of day...

It finally feels like autumn. About damn time. Normally I'd be knee deep in Christmas ornaments right about now, but since I didn't cook for Thanksgiving this year, and it's been such weird weather here in Texas, I just haven't gotten it into my head that it's almost the holidays. And I already have half the shopping done! I need to bake fudge or pumpkin bread or something to get in the mood...

This is riveting, I'm sure. So. Things to make the day better!

  • Everyone's read this by now, I'm sure, but I re-read it last night and laughed all over again. This person is so damn funny... (Hilarious review of Goblet of Fire - fanspeak. Oh, my GOD.)

  • Have learned that you can use YSI's download client for sendspace files!! This means that any big files that might crap out will get picked up where the DL broke. Wooot! (This makes me happy because my lovely, lovely cherusha sent me the eps for Ultraviolet and the last 2 files hosed out on me! Mmmmm. Jack Davenport meets X-Files and Vampire lore. YUM. (the DL client would be terrific for those of you on dial-up, trying to pull down large files! I use it regularly and love love love it.)

  • POLICE SQUAD!! Oh, Leslie Neilson. I heart you tunz, underline underline. How I loved that show. And now I want to watch Airplane! (streaming vid hosted on their website)

  • The New PoTC trailer!!! Potential beard!Norrington!

  • Justin Timberlake spoofing Ashton Kutcher on Punk'D. Hee hee! I don't want to HEAR IT ABOUT MY LOVE FOR JUSTIN, OKAY? Bring it on down to Omlette-ville! (again, streaming vid from the host's site)

  • Embarassing my husband when he thinks his mother is listening in by asking him if he took his Dr. Porkenheimer's Boner Juice. I can NOT imagine why my MiL disapproves of me...

  • Playing at a_list_celebs. We got our Matt-n-Ben (Damon and Affleck) to join, and MAN, if they aren't a riot. The first night they played at the new joint had all of us giddy with delight. SHUT IT. It's fun to play with hilarious people and I love them. *squeee!* There's a Celebrity Jeopardy thread up there that had everyone in top form. Our Johnny Depp is so damn funny... Just absolutely perfect.

If it continues to be nasty weather, I should have a new list of Gud Summres to post tomorrow. Hooray! Oh, and for any new people that come around? I am NOT a mean person. I am NOT making fun of specific authors. (And I don't like it when people do.) Those (and any bad!fic laughing that comes from this journal) are about laughing at ourselves. Okay, mostly you. No, not YOU, that person sulking behind you. Yeah, YOU. Come on. I've written crap. The very first fanfic I ever wrote had little barbies dressed like Spike and Buffy and was written SOLELY for feedback, so I'm lumped in there, too. But... if we can't make fun of people, what other yardstick can we measure our own awesomeness by? *cracks up* But come on! "Not a song-fic?" A story about Adam killing Maggie Walsh? THAT IS SO AWESOME! Okay. I go make chicken and rice soup now. Have a good day!!

(OH! Confidential to cherusha: I am STILL sighing over those clips from "Mary Bryant." My GOD Jack is so beautiful. *wibble and RAWR* Thank you for sending me those!!)
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