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How about some more Gud Summryies?

Okay! Happy Monday. For any n00bs: If someone is just getting into fandom, and they are trolling for fic, your summary is how they decide to read you. That whole "judging a book by its cover" thing. The following are taken from various fanfiction websites. And we'll just say they aren't an inducement to read. Or... read for the wrong reasons. (there, so far, has been one exception.)

Obligatory Disclaimer: I do not condone pointing fingers at an author and calling names. We've all done this to our fics, we've all just gotten started and horribly, horribly abused flowery prose. Or misspelled words. Or were idiots. Ha! In the name of fairness, I've put a summary from one of my OWN fics in here! See? I wear big girl pants. Don't point and laugh at any person here. Unless it is yourself. Dude. I'm like zen with that. Awesome. OOH! And I may have caught a plagiarist!! rune_vampyre's FUNNY fic "F*ck you and your cat" was posted at without her knowledge (where I found the summary) and she didn't post there. And now? It's gone. I'm on to you stealers! Watch yer butt!

Part One
Part Two

  • Dawn thinks of storms

  • Oh come ON! If I told you, you wouldn't have to read it. Oh all right, I'll tell you this. It's time for Ophelia to deal with past. There. A summary.

  • Willow reflects on the 10 letter word.

  • this is my first fic. it's not supposed to make sense.

  • A crazy LSS fic that fits in nowhere and has no point. What do you want? It was in my backpack - probably somehting I wrote while waiting in line for *NSYNC tickets in March.

  • I demand one thing. Please be honest.

  • *really* badly written

  • Willow deals next.

  • Angel, after not seeing Buffy since that day, comes back to Sunnydale to save her from the brain powers of a powerful 12 year old boy.

  • It's not really as hard as it looks.

  • Listen up and take notes. There will be a test.

  • Character death, oh - and this is a sad one.

  • The reason why Buffy just can't

  • Xander gets un-hurt

  • thinking and morning

  • A knife. Minor slash. (me: heeeeeee!)

  • Read it and figure it out. PG13 for mild sexual innuendo. Nothing truely shown.

  • After writing this, I'm still trying to figure out if its funny or not. NO FLAMES.

  • This is angsty garbage *sigh, mope, pout, etcetera, %$@#ing hormones and whatall.....*

  • I'm really gonna finish it.

  • My intake on how and why.

  • Spectacularly AU (now if THAT doesn't end up on an icon...)

  • Sequal... Faith's kinda lossing it decides to bolt

  • Does it really need a summary?

  • Buffy meets a certain maniacal Penguin.

  • Set in 2020 (the year and the hindsight)

  • two young friends bond over a frog

  • Riley. Shovels. Death.

  • I don't have a plot for this story yet. (me: word count is at 2000.)

  • I've rewritten this thing 6 times! For the love of god, give me feedback!

  • Everyone commits suicide.

  • It's a sonfic.

  • OK worse than the first

  • [Buffy's] mistrust of Spike was wronger than ever

  • Just some toughts on exactly what it feels like to drink someone else's blood...

  • complete with a kick-ass epilogue

  • It involves Spike in a tutu.

  • Angelus gets so even with Riley. Contains torture. WARNING: humor

  • Buffy thinks about the live... and about her death.

  • Based on Pirates of the Carribbean, Elizabeth Summers is the govenor's daughter with blacksmith William Turner deeply in love with her. When Elizabeth is kidnapped by a band of pirates, William will go to any lengths to save her, even if that means teaming up with one of the most infamous pirates himself. (Uhhhhhhhh.... Doing a search/replace for names? I think that's still plagiarism.)

  • Buffy was a yound and promising Barrel Racer. Then she had an accident. Spike was a young and promising Bull rider. Then he met Buffy.

  • I killed Cordy. I killed the teen dream. Deal with it.

  • What happens when two blondes become best friends.

  • It's softmore year and so far everything is going great until the New Kid on the Block comes to town. WARNING: Other.


  • Buffy the Wedding Singer

  • Spike Blood and Buffy Summerpenny go....

  • William or "Spike" Giles falls head over heels with his classmate, Buffy Summers, who corresponds his love

  • Buffy and SPike are the leaders of two seperate gangs that hate each other. or do they? insults are swapped and old wounds are opened when the two gangs are forced together to get rid of the new gang trying to take over their school. but who is in the new gang? and what is the history between the leaders? WARNING: extreme language

  • Buffy Summers, a shy woman who trembles at the sight of men

  • William (Spike) van helsing is the son of the famous monster hunter giles van helsing, when his father gets injured he is sent to transelvania to kill the evil count angel vond vlad and his three brides but will he be able to concentrate if he meets the beautiful gypsy princes buffy?

  • Buffy and SPike shar intement times WARNING: VIOLENCE

Ah, that last one reminds me of the show... Memories.

And the following journals have made icons to go with these: mpoetess; yin_again this one, four posts back, _tayler, and glossing. Hurrah!
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