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Shaka Lacka Swish! ph34r my Pimp Cane!

I need to make a pimp cane icon. Didn't Snoop Dogg have one in Starsky and Hutch? Hmmm. Instead I returned my favorite holiday icon to the lineup. Hurrah! Herbie the Elf!

PIMP! My lovely, lovely cherusha has made a funny, cute, and most of all catchy Sparrington Vid set to "Loathing" from the Boradway musical "Wicked." Heee!! Even if you don't get what "Sparrington" is (which you SHOULD, OMG.) it's a fun vid to watch. Completely worksafe. crazydiamondsue? If anything you'll love the song. Broadway, HELLO.

Here is for dl and also: to leave her feedback!

And again, if anyone has made a new batch of icons for the summaries, and you want to be linked, lemme know and I'll add you. Share the wealth! Spread the love! Damn the torpedoes! No, no, damn The Man.

Happy birthday to thebratqueen and to my sooper sekrit girlfriend who will ONE DAY run away with me or be REPLACED, ahem, she's already lined up - I'm just saying mskakaako! I squish you and love you and have missed you - thank goodness for email!

(Confidential to mah homies on my flist: remember how excited I was to have The Man home for three straight weeks? OH MY GOD IF HE DOESN'T GO BACK I'M GONNA STRANGLE SOMEONE. How does someone make a mess with their socks? And laptop? Like... little piles EVERYWHERE. He is used to housekeeping in his hotel, that's what. I AM NOT A MAID. I am a NAUGHTY maid, but- And he's reorganizing my kitchen!! AHHHH! I fear growing old and retiring. I made him swear last night that we'll be very very rich and can travel all the time and hire a staff so I don't have to CLEAN UP HIS RECEIPTS AND KEYS AND TRASH AND SOCKS AND DIRTY DISHES all the time. Ahem.)

Last: because I HATE leaving on an ugly note: OMG SO MUCH BETTER THAN SUPER BREAKOUT!! (Which was one of my fave Atari games EVAH.) Warning: tentacles addicitive. You keep the balls from going down the drain. Eeeeee!!
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