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Quick Fic Reposting

Drive-by post as I took two Tylenol Sinus™ and I am feeling LOOOOOPY. I AM NOT SICK. *cough*

Someone had asked about an older parody fic I had written, and I re-read it and found LOADS of spelin erars and dropped commas and such. Given the fact that I was laughing my ass off while I wrote it, it's amazing there weren't more.

Reformatted, repaired, renewed. For anyone interested in horror/sexy/musicals with gay/het vamps and nuns, I give you: The Sound of Sucking, my Sound of Music parody with the casts of Buffy and Angel.

WARNING: Humor. And Torture. And Spike as Fraulein Maria. I go to drink tea and read my "Dolly" book the loverly crazydiamondsue sent me. *wobbles*

LAST THING! I was tagged by lennongirl

Name 5 of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick 5 people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used. Tag 5 people on your list.

Well, Ani already picked "Orgasm" so...

1) hearing Mr. S's car pull up in the driveway on Friday after his week of travel
2) working so hard outside in my garden that I physically can't move - and seeing the finished product
3) music so good I have to stop and listen to it again
4) music so good I have to get up and MOVE
5) laughing so hard that my stomach aches and my cheeks are wet from tears

BONUS! 6) REALLY good food in a REALLY good restaurant with really good friends and nothing to do but enjoy your company

TAG: cherusha, anelith, entrenous88, and everyone else because I'm still wobbly. :D Oh! Posh! You do it. Sue? Anyone. Bueller? *passes out with a tissue*
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