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*deep breath* AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

My most FAVORITE column at The Onion is written by Smoove B. (whispers: it's who my Prince character at a_list_celebs is semi-based on, and they probably based Smoove on the real Prince, so...) I just found out he has his own "Personal Page" with recipes (everything is for two - corn for two, etc.) romantic e-cards, personal letters they didn't print in The Onion, etc. Oh my GOD, I laughed my ass off. Can I just say that writing for The Onion would be an absolute dream come true? Holy crap, those people get paid to be that funny. *wants to move to San Fransisco to work for them!!!*

Also: for those looking out for it, The Aristocrats comes out on DVD Dec. 6th? That was printed in the Dallas Morning News today. Hooray!

And here's an old clip from the Soul Train. My Saturdays were spent groovin' with my older sister and my mom while she did laundry with Bobbie. Bobbie was an ebony goddess who taught us white kids how to bump and do the Hot Chocolate and get our groove on, basically. I think my worship of Asian women stems from watching Soul Train. You know that one chick? She had her own spot/platform? Super long hair and great clothes and moves? She could GROOVE. Man, I loved that show. The women would pop lock and get down, it was about great dancing - not being a slut back then, and the animated train! The SOOOOOOUUUUUUL train! UH! No DVDs are available. Boo! I'd love to watch old eps.

And I hereby declare that I WILL get my holiday decorations up by... this weekend? Possibly? And that is a definite maybe. *rocks out to Crooklyn soundtrack*
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