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And on the billioneth day there were summryies, and it was Gud.

For those keeping track, I am no longer looking like a manatee. I credit sleep, lots of tea, and quiet reflections on Gud Summryies in the Jossverse. Who wants a smile on their Monday? *doles out generously*

OBLIGATORY "I AM NOT A BULLY" COMMENT: I do not condone pointing fingers at an author and calling names. We've all done this to our fics, we've all just gotten started and horribly, horribly abused flowery prose. Or misspelled words. Or were idiots. Or weren't very familiar with how "words" grouped together form "sentences." But for those who pooh-pooh this, okay, you're right. LJ is SERIOUS BIDNESS. Fanfic is the most important thing in the world and will raise us all from being dumb monkeys with keyboards to enlightened beings of Truthitude. Can't we all get along have fun? Now, gimmie your lunch money or I'll give you a Red Belly. *smokes candy cigarettes*

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

[ETA for Clarity] The italics below are my commentary on the summaries, just in case you haven't been following along from the beginning.

  • It's a stupid story that's not even a story.

  • Anya writes a letter to Santa. It's really, like kinda sad. WARNING: humor (okay, this could actually be one I would like.)

  • Songfic - quite angsty and abstract

  • ~~Im depressed...I don't even know why I'm posting this~~

  • don't even ask where this is supposed to go

  • added on and flushed it out a little

  • Angel is painting the Drusilla...sort of metaphysical.

  • Heck I don't even remember writing this

  • It's different. No flames.

  • buffy and spike make a bet whos a better parent so now there testin there skills with a cryin anoying plastic baby doll and i think its gettin good

  • Song fic - Song by Tool. Post-Gift Spike kneels at the grace and has to be saved from himself. (It's the "song by Tool" that won me over.)

  • A touch of romance and a dab of poignancy

  • A girl appears in sunny dale out of no where. how does spike no her? but more importantly, what is it about her that can make both spike AND angle lay down their hatred...?

  • Spike does a bit of thinking. A bit AU.

  • Mostly light stuff with a bit of cathartic angst.

  • "Her enthusiasm for sandy cookies and nog has pleasantly rubbed off on him, and she picks the red and green jimmies from his chest, the little sugary bits sprinkled on his shirt like on a Lite Brite."

  • After Buffy dies, Spike goes to La and Sires Faith. Returning to Sunnydale, he finds Buffy is alive and makes her his Childe. Will eventually be R for innuendo.

  • WARNING: Dawn Fic.

  • Anger, loneliness, and December 26.

  • Spike loves the Slayer, Agle's back to claim her, Riley just adimmted to his love

  • A reporter from an occult-newspaper wants to interview Spike. He tells his tale leading to his relationship with Buffy. Has an unexpected ending. I hope. (A billion dollars if you can guess the title of this! Ahem.)

  • Buffy thinks about Giles over a cup of tea

  • Read peas.

  • Please review and tell me if Spike should die.

  • a slam poem about how Buffy feels when she's with Spike

  • Suspend disbelief please. (strangely enough, not connected to the prior summary)

  • The Dingoes go on tour with *NSYNC

  • Crossover with BtVS and Sweet Valley University. After Buffy's mom dies, Jessica comes to comfort Buffy in Sunnydale (Jess and Buffy are cousins) only to deicover that she is not norm. (I think there's a twist where this is a crossover/body-switch fic with "Cheers.")

  • A story: strictly dialogue. Strictly narrative. Then a combination of both.

  • The most bizzar love square in fanfiction along with nasties that'll make you scream. Who will gain redemption and who will be left out in the cold? Who, if anyone, deserves the right to father the massiah?

  • WARNING! Spike develops a conscionse and Xander is the one who makes him realize it. Will they regrett it?

  • Romantic but not insipid. Post-coital whatevers.

  • Set right after guarduation.

  • Buffy finds out Dawn is stealing and takes her anger out on Spike. Warning: happy ending.

  • I promise that if you read this you WILL (probably) have strong feelings. (maybe.)

  • Sorry I impled no one really read this.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to disinfect my hands so I can make sugar cookies with my daughter, Emily, now and forever referred to as my "post-coital whatever." Oh, fandom... Just when I think I'm shut of you, you go and do something that pulls me right back in. Bless you. May I offer anyone a sandy cookie and nog?

New icons have been made! Check out: shepenwepet and whichwitch666's journals.

(And I missed cityphonelines's birthday on Friday because I was woebegone and ILL!! Vinnie, I LOOOVE you! I hope you got to do something fun - I miss you, V.)
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