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Thinky-funny links!

Penn Jillette is one of my most favorite people to listen to. I love Penn&Teller. Here's a link to their show, Bullshit, where they debunk the Bible. The whole show, streamed - about 29 minutes. FANTASTIC. Note: while I am a staunch atheist, I appreciate that there are people who get peace and joy in their lives from a belief in god. I will never mock you for wanting happiness and purpose in your life. However, the Red Sea didn't part, Noah didn't have 10 billion life forms in twain on a boat, etc. But believe in something bigger and greater than us all. That's a really nice idea. Now. Watch this link and laugh and learn. :-D

This made me giggle - the ferocity of his scrubbing! *cracks up*

I'm off to the museum later to see the Richard Avedon: Into The West exhibit before it closes. I've been waiting for this for 15 years. I used to babysit for this family that had a collection of these bizarre black and white photographs. Slaughterhouse workers, drifters, casino employees, coal miners, all defiantly staring at the camera. Very confrontational but amazing. I always pulled out that book when I watched their kids. The actual pictures in the exhibit are life-sized, so I'm going to sit in front of these random people's pictures today.

Last: I got a card from poshcat in the mail yesterday (heee!! Mr. S liked the card especially, Posh) and a little something-something from crazydiamondsue. Sue? Emily carried around the card ALL DAY yesterday and said she got it from Suencaza (it's all one word, you see.) She's playing with the gift you sent her, and went STRAIGHT TO IT this morning when she woke up. You two are fantastic, and thanks again. (Caza? You'll be pleased to know that Emily speaks in Spanish routinely now.)

Now, how are YOU today? Spam me with stuff - Mr. S is back on his travel schedule so I'm needing chatter today!
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