Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

aaaaaAAAAAAHHHHH SPAM! And drink recipes!

I AM EXCITED! Finally, finally, finally am looking forward to the holidays - baking to the rescue again. Also, Mr. S totally surprised us all and came home for breakfast today! Hurrah! Off to the liquor store for more Bailey's and thought I'd leave you with some fun drinks.

Charisma Nipples

Layer in a shot glass equal portions of: Vanilla vodka, butterscotch schnapps, Bailey's. It's pleasing to the eye as well as the mouf.

Red Hots

Half a jigger of Goldschlager, half a jigger of cinnamon schnapps, blended.

Three Wise Men
Layer: Vodka, Jeagermeister (shudders), 151

(Have enough of these and YOU'LL see a Star in the East. Jeager makes the Baby Jesus cry. And NOW the sheep are up, THANKS, Baby Jesus, sheesh.)

Champagne Royal
In the bottom of a flute, a single raspberry, a splash of Chambord, top with champagne. (This is my favorite)

One part peach nectar, 3 parts champagne - chilled. (This is my second favorite)

Off to the store to pick up a Chateaubriand for Beef Wellington on Christmas Day. (Um, that was in NO WAY influenced by my mother in law's decision to host a Christmas Dinner on C. Eve when everyone was planning on eating at my house. Ahem. I see your dry, tasteless turkey and I raise you a Beef Wellington. As Colbert says: IT'S FRENCH, BITCH.)
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