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It's a Non-Denominational Winter Festival Unusual Happenstance!

Or, loosely translated: a Christmas miracle. The MIL gave me a...hug. I fixed her computer. She had cried over it, thinking all was lost. I did a few simple things, restored her missing files and now I am GOLDEN. (If I had known that was all it took, I would have sabotoged the summbitch years ago and fixed it. Ha!)

And here's why Emily is (secretly) my favorite child: kids woke up super early - as expected - paper, ribbons flying everywhere, flashing lights, noise, toys tossed about, but Emily is sitting at my feet, her snowglove from Santa playing "Silent Night" with the "snow" floating around the christmas tree inside, chin propped on her little fists, smile on her face, completely still. She quietly asked me "how did he know I wanted this one?" and went back to smiling at her perfect gift from Santa.

It isn't about getting the most expensive, flashiest thing. *happy mom-sigh* I'm off to cook for 12 people, and happily so. I hope everyone has a lovely day, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Day Of Gifts, or what have you. May you end up with lots of hugs, smiles and good food, and may the jerks leave early, taking the trash out with them.

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