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I'm off like a prom dress!

Unless you're Mormon. Or already pregnant at your prom, because - heh - deed's done, right?

I'm heading out the door in a few to see ladycat777, crazydiamondsue, uberaeyn, and elcazavampiros! I can guarantee that the SECOND thing they will all do (after hugging me, because I'm seriously hugable) is slap the back of my head for my tongue-in-cheek, but kinda serious "rant" about how I think Xander and Wesley are ultimately straight. Because are you KIDDING ME? Ladycat and Sue? They might make me buy all the rounds after that one. Heee! (Oh, and for the record? That isn't what that post was about. Ahem.)

I have more summaries set up and ready to go, but I ran out of time. BOOO! But then, some people are probably glad because I am MEAN. I am a horrid, horrid girl, and you should all defriend me because laughing at silliness and bad!fic makes puppies explode in a fireball of entrails and trees whither and die. THAT is the power I have. On livejournal. Which is serious bidness.

I'm going to have to buy a lot of drinks at writercon, aren't I? *saves cash* cherusha? Your job is to hold the fort down and pine for me while I'm gone. (I had Steve/Jeff dreams!) <-- Oh. I read some Coupling slash fic that was BRILLIANT. Links to come for those interested. floweringjudas? Your CDs are hitting the mail tomorrow. stoney321? Shaddup and get out the friggin' door. K.

OH!!! One last thing: fish_23 wrote me fic of hilarity and FABULOUSNESS with Angel and Spike on ICE (Jess, you are NOT off the hook on your fic, thank you very much) and I laughed and cried - it became a part of me. Which means my pants don't fit right anymore. THANKS. [/glare]
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