Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

WHO WANTS AN ICON? Sure you do!

Well, it's time we not hide our light under a bushel, ladies. (And gents.) You know you love it. I know you love it. Let's shout it to the world.

Hello. My name is Stoney. And I. Love. COCK. *sheds a perfect tear, collects in a jar that I will present to _(celebrity that is worshipped)_ when I finally meet them at a convention*

1.Image hosted by 2. Image hosted by

3.Image hosted by 4.Image hosted by

You taking? Lemme know. SO I CAN REJOICE ABOUT THE ALMIGHTY PENIS WITH YOU. *sews velvet pillow for my husband's nards to rest upon*

For the record? I'm a sarcastic bitch. Remember: broken inside. I hope everyone has a SAFE NIGHT with NO DRINKING AND DRIVING. Cabs are cheaper than wrecking your car.
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