Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

*sigh* Starting off the new year with spam. Bad me.

But! In my defense, I've just realized that I never posted about meeting the fantastic ladycat777! Wha? I confused emails and phone calls with updates. Number one: she has a smile that lights up a room. The best thing about it? SHE DOES IT ALOT. Oh, I love happy girls.

Hair. My god, I started playing with it over drinks and COULDN'T STOP. Thick, shiny, dark, oooooh. SOOOO sweet, and SOOOO lovely, and we talked shop, we talked gossip, we laughed, and okay, who am I kidding. I was a total spazz from the moment I walked in, but she has the greatest giggle, I couldn't HELP IT.

crazydiamondsue and uberaeryn and Andrea and I hit an OKC bar "Cock of the Walk!" Hee! and talked fandom and boys and fandom and dirty sex stories and fandom and drinking, and WHY am I always the only one that is never drunk? *cough* Dovil can shut it, that was a FLUKE! (And we celebrated elcazavampiros' birthday with nummy Mexican food, and he officially is the cutest pet-Dad ever. Except that Texas is sooooo much better than OK. I mean, Oklahoma is "ok." Ha!)

In summmary: Andrea is LOVELY and I hated to leave her. Writercon!

And I got a great holiday card from entrenous88, and a SCOTT BAIO ALBUM and a Yoda Pez dispenser from somecandytalkin that makes me cackle, and another FANTASTICALLY FUNNY card from violethamster and a funny, funny magnet from smashsc and now I feel like I'm bragging so I'll stop. I'm so lucky. So many great people I know.

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