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More Gud Summries!

Oh, fandom. I love you so. *pulls on bitch pants* Okay, you should all know the drill by now, but to make sure I don't have to make new icons for those that don't get it, here we go:

Based on the HP Summary Execution fun by mctabby, these are the Jossverse Gud Summries. Disclaimer: This is not a story review. Many of these fics have not been read by me. This is all about the "dust jacket" to entice new readers, and the funneh. There is to be no mocking of authors, and naming names is rude and will get you deleted. Now, come on. We've all fallen victim to wonky word choice, I'm no exception. If we can't laugh at ourselves, then I'll just laugh harder for you, okay? Any commentary in italics is from me. Uh, duh.

Previous posts, icons are linked h e r e, and mangofandango has made some icons!

Oooh! Here's an example of one that made me WANT to read it: "Harmony and Andrew meet - is the universe safe? Short answer = probably." Hee! Funneh. Speaking of:

  • Angsty-fluffy fic! (so.... Is Spike cutting Buffy's gut open and filling it with kittens?)

  • Teh scooby gang is mysteriously dissapering. Can Tara & Dan find out whats going on before they preform there own Vanishing act?

  • Spike watchs the lovely slayer sleeping next to him, then its her trun to watch him sleep. Will they ever be able to their true feelings? or will it all say in his bedroom?

  • Vampire takes a look in a mirror (Ahahahaha!! RULE NUMBER ONE WITH VAMPIRES. You know what? I'm not even going to say it.)

  • Not slash. Not even pre-slash.

  • Buffy disappears 100 years into the past & ends up finally having normal conversations with Spike... through telepathy!

  • Buffy and Giles do the Star Trek alien sex virus thing. (no. words.)

  • Pike & Oz join forces to take on a ferosius evil.

  • Dawn isn't exactly the angle everyone thinks. (Instead of being acute, she's quite obtuse. Ba-dum-pum-ching!)

  • teenage boy cliches and all the fluff you could ever need!

  • It's not quite a poem and not quite a fic... maybe it's a foem!

  • Willow is full of saddness but Xander makes WIllow's saddness expire.

  • Dawn's hair stays shiny (heee!)

  • Its Buffy's honeymoon with Spike and everyone's invited! (Next, on Skinemax. Chicky Bow.)

  • A hot dog on a stick changes everything.

  • dis was mah friend's idea..she wanted me to write it for her! its also mah first fanfic, no no making fun! (too late!)

  • why are all the vapirs on BTVS evil??? That's can't be a fair representation of the undead (I didn't know Anne wrote fanfic! "The Lonely Ones," by Anne Blondey Big Hips)

  • Faith returns but was the Council comes to to help a secret is revealed

  • Buffy remembers. A lazy sumer day at a beach with Dawn, so many moons ago (is someone trying to rip off Princess Ninety-Nine Wampum?)

  • of course there's a car chase!


  • Spike kidnaps Dawn and shoots her and she dies. Now Buffy makes a life-changing descison. (NOW?!?)

  • Buffy/Angel Angst. dedicated to my grandmother

  • Death. Angst. Uh oh.

  • song fic. What I see going on in Spike's head after Buffy thells him that she was in heaven. (I think thith thoundth thuper.)

  • things happen ya know?

  • set to music by Creed.

  • If you need a break from all the angst and good writing, look no further! (I love this. It's a parody fic - hee!)

  • Can Angel save her? do dogs bark?

  • I will deal with all the characters of the show and all their problems. (Und zen for ze shpankings.)

  • I don't call this a fanfic. I call it observations made it through use of BtVS/AtS characters.

  • I wrote a songfic. I promise this will never happen again.

  • Carpenter and fool, it's Xander's turn.

And really? No one wants to read Coupling slash that's funny and kinda hot *ahem* aside from three of you? Huh. OOH! For those of you who are into detailed RPGs like TSP and Fandom_High, I came across this while pimping out my OWN RPG (although mine is a parody RPG, not an intricate one like this) called: cuba_street Whoa. Holy detail and organization! Looks highly addictive, and I believe they are looking for writers - plenty of good ones on my flist, that's for sure. Check it out!
Tags: bad!(great)fic, funneh, gud summries
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