Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

Hello, Father Uncle Dad. Uncle Father Oscar!

Watched El Crimen del Padre Amarro last night. (The Crime of Father Amarro) and remembered why my BFF and I would sigh for long periods on the phone. Ayi. Gael Garcia-Bernal is so achey beautiful. The movie didn't quite work for me overall, but if you *cough* enjoy religious imagery mixed up with sex and THIS BOY... Well. It's better than a poke in the eye. He'd get my ass back in church, that's for sure. The movie is very much like Romeo and Juliet meets The Scarlett Letter - something that should really hit harder than it does. Also, GGB is naked a lot. And has pretty lips. *cough* Te gusta, Gael.

Now, we all know the Magic 8 Ball is a JOKE. It's not real. It doesn't tell the truth. Know what does? HAL 2000's MAGIC 8 BALL. "What are you doing, Dave?" HAL is clever, though, and make start asking YOU questions. (ask, hit "query" and he'll respond.) Ru? I expect you'll get a kick out of this.

I've been catching up on all of the Arrested Development eps I've missed. CRAP. Won't SOMEONE pick up this show? The final ep with all the HBO, SHowtime, ABC references? Hee! thepiratequeen? I agree: "Sister is the new mother, Mother" is so damn funny. Buster kills me. I still think George Michael may be my favorite character. That kid has the most amazing comic timing. And he makes me ache, too. (The final confession about Maeby to his dad! ACK! Someone pick up this show!) Gentles?? WARDEN GENTLES. "He could have any piece of ass in there." Ahahaha!

And someone wrote a fic in the fan-squee-comm of our RPG, and it's pretty damn awesome. You can read it here.

Okay, Sue informed me that Patrick Swayze is cutting a HIP HOP ALBUM. Yes. You read that correctly. I, for one, couldn't be more pleased. I'm going to put some money down and say there will be at least three instances of the following:

"I'm ______ and I'm here to say, I love _______ in a major way."

Now for the blank filling in. It's a game! Let's play! My choices:

Patrick Swayze, being gay
the guy from Ghost, not being dead
an effete dancer, wearing tights
really lame, being lame
feathery haired, feathering my hair
very tired,  sleeping in
Patrick Swayze, Fruity Pebbles
Heavy browed, hunting mammoths
Patrick S, late-term abortions
Workin' hard, hardly workin'
P to tha S, smokin' blunts

Now you try!
Tags: funneh, random statements
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