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Does anyone else remember that PSA from the late 70s, early 80s where a dowdy little girl gets taken to a bunch of stores by her dad and she gets a complete new look from head to toe? Hair to shoes and everything in between? And it's about her dad spending time with her? Okay, PoS message, I know, but - I was having that day today.

Mr. S gave me carte blanche to have a "feel pretty" day today. I'll put it like this: the first pair of jeans I tried on were MAGNIFICENT. Jeans. And the word "magnificent." Like... I should have bought a lottery ticket. Oh, and they were on sale. My ass looks like a brick-shit house in them. GREAT DAY. Good sushi, CDs I wanted on sale... PERFECT.

Last part of the day: haircut and color. I only needed a trim, say a half-inch, because I JUST got a cut three weeks ago.

She took off 6 inches. I wear glasses. I can't fucking SEE when I get a haircut. Yeah, I know: it grows back. I AM A LEO. DO NOT FUCK WITH MY HAIR. I feel naked and fat-faced and MAD and I didn't let her do my color, and because I have it ingrained in me, I TIPPED HER ANYWAY. But, ha ha, only 12%.

*crawls under the blankets and takes hair-gro and has a thoroughly Anne moment*

Sue: it barely brushes my shoulders! I'm a dork, I know, but I'm SAD. I am ASLAN on the STONE TABLE. GOD I AM PATHETIC. *doesn't frickin' CARE*
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