Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

10 Ways You Know it's a Stoney Fic...

I jump on board the meme train.

10. You're horrified by the topic.
9. Yet you keep reading.
8. There are brain worms songs.
7. Possibly tense changes *cough* which are accidental and a downfall of mine
6. There's a seriously cracked out pairing. *cough* Mayor/Snyder Mpreg anyone?
5. I might turn a few Connor-haters into Connor tolerators.
4. Did I mention the musicals?
3. You've just read the line: "perfectly good mulatto ass-baby."
2. It's a really good story, but due to the lack of porn, you won't READ IT.
1. My name is next to author Dammit, Swm beat me to this.
1. Abuse of the word WEE.

Additions? Complaints? ...pie?
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