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Alright. Someone has to say this. Might as well be me.

I'm the mean girl, right? The one who thinks it's okay for people to have an opinion? To believe in criticism? Yes, I've mocked stuff, but CREAM OF CUM? Oh, please. I don't mock people who are genuine and sincere in their drive to be good writers. And I NEVER name names, because I'm not in junior high. But do I believe that everything being written in the fandoms I follow is gold? Oh, hell no. This "cult of nice" we have taking over is driving me nuts.

Everything your friend writes isn't wonderful. Everything YOU write isn't wonderful (before the wank begins, please know that I'm including myself in that.) Just because you've written one thing that got "praise" or "acclaim" doesn't mean that EVERYTHING you produce after is as good. Or should be pimped. Or recced. Or listed in a newsletter. There are people, such as myself, that depend on newsletters like the Herald and Jedi_News, for example, to find the good fic. I don't want to read a story filled with spellin erars and bad punctuat-ion.; I count on the EDITORS - did you see that word? They are editors. Which means they have the right to not list junk - that's the JOB DESCRIPTION. I count on them to find the good stuff. People who whine and wage little passive-agressive wars to get their fic/whatever recced are missing the point - and undermining the editors' jobs.

You aren't getting pimped? THERE IS A REASON. It's a hard reason, sure. I'm not listed every time I write something. And you know what? That's fine - it makes the times that I am that much sweeter. It means I've improved. I've written something noteworthy. Not that I've simply written something. I don't get pimped a lot. I don't get recced a lot. You know what? I'm taking the time to analyze my writing and GET BETTER. I'm not creating a cabal and fabricating reasons due to BNFism and so forth. That's a very easy way to be lazy and not improve as a writer. Also, if someone leaves a comment that has beta-remarks in it, that is NOT a flame. Paynbow left a beta-remark on a fic I wrote a while back, and I grumbled to myself, because I didn't want to hear it. You know what? SHE WAS RIGHT. And I like my fic more because of the correction she offered. How is that bad?

WANTING excellence from our fellow fen isn't a bad thing. It's making us better. Why on earth is this "mean?" Now, I'm not in any way saying that people shouldn't write what they're going to write. But this hiding behind your "muse" (god, I LOATHE that word) and saying what you do is "art" and there are errors all over the place and I can't recognize who the HELL you are writing about except that I know the name? That ain't art. That's crack. And there ain't nothing wrong with a little crack. Just own up to being a Garwood and not Garfunkle. Garwood sells a lot of books at the supermarket. But I know I'd rather be Garfunkle and have "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" on my resume*.

Thoughts? Gripes? Complaints? Fling poo at me? (And I swear to god, I read one more Sparrington fic where Jack and Norrington hold hands and skip, and my hed gonna asplode.)

* Garfunkle did not write the words, but helped with music and arrangements, and you GET MY POINT SMASH. Hahaha!
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