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Round up - cut 'em in! Ride 'em up! RAWHIDE!

In Summary: the big blow up post from yesterday? Let's try our best, hmm? There's the post in a nutshell. Thanks to everyone who participated, and it's still going on! Discussion is good - and everyone brought their good thoughts to the table. Excellent.

SESAME STREET. Who remembers the pin-ball machine groove counting thing? With the Pointer Sisters? WATCH IT HERE. I loved Sesame St. in the 70s. So funky cool. *siiiigh* It sucks now.

For those that are nervously curious about the soap opera that is a_list_celebs, in summary: Johnny Depp and Will Ferrell got some funky mojo fortune cookies and have body swapped. Depp is in Ferrell, who was in Gwyneth Paltrow's unborn fetus. He - through the use of the magical word "Malkovich" - is now trapped inside a gorilla, and being groomed and loved by "Lola," a sign-language capable ape. Depp, meanwhile, is shagging Jack Davenport rotten, while Depp's Not-Wife, Vanessa Paradis and Sean Connery have taken the unconscious body of Depp, wrapped him in bubble wrap and hung him in the shower to revive him. THIS ALL MAKES PERFECT SENSE. Seriously? For me? It's this or REAL crack.

I gotta get the house clean and the pantry stocked for my BF for freakin' E is coming into town tomorrow for four days! Woot! Won't see much of me over the weekend, so have fun, play hard, and eat a vegetable.

  1. Jack Davenport

  2. Vincent Kartheiser

  3. Johnny Depp

  4. Possibly my husband

  5. Logan Echolls

  6. that hot guy that bags my groceries

  7. the guy? in the commerical? with the hair?

  8. the HOTTTTTTT waitress at my favorite sushi bar -jesus.

What? you thought I'd put CHORES up here? Pah.
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