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I am leaving in four hours to pick up the best person on the PLANET and have her company for FOUR DAYS. Emily woke up this morning with a wiggle in her tushie because we're going to get Aunt Chrissy after lunch, and she appreciates the value of an adventure! Airports! Trip to the Nasher Sculpture Museum! Sushi! Laughing and giggling! It. Shall. Be. GLORIOUS.

Why I love my friend, By Stoney

She's hilarious. She's brilliant - seriously, one of the smartest, most articulate people I've encountered, and I feel dumb in comparison, which I sort of AM, but she's the type that makes you want to be smarter. She's healthy and fit and active and likes to play. There will be running and walks and chasing children on park lawns and dancing and goofing and yummy food! For four days! Oh, right. Why she's great. She's the person that secretly helps animals in need. She's the person that quietly approaches a crying child and makes them feel better. She's the person that can articulate in fifty-seven meaningful points why the current administration is a bunch of fools. She knows every episode of Little House on the Prairie. And 90210, but she'll never admit that publicly. She always passes on a good book to the right person. She doesn't mind that I like weird food. Her food choices are weirder. She'll sit with me in front of the mirror and crack up while we make ugly faces. She'll commit to a silly walk in public.

She has glossy black hair and a bright smile with perfect dentition and is positive and thinky and sympathetic and FUNNY. Lord, the girl is wrong and funny. She's the best friend I've ever had, and she puts up with me, so there's fifty bonus points right there.

AND SHE HAS A PONY. AND HER PONY LOVES ME. AND NIBBLES ON MY HAIR AND SLEEVE AND I LOVE DOC. He has a furry nose and is like a giant puppy and he should be named Clifford.

We were set up on a blind date. SERIOUSLY. By a mutual professor in college. I quit a job so I could go camping with her, and haven't regretted it for a moment. She taught me the beauty of the desert, showed me that all girls weren't horrible, catty, competitive wenches, and made me try and be smarter and kinder. Everyone should have a Chrissy. But not mine. Get your own.

Have a lovely weekend. I'll see you all Monday! (Confidential to Ru: I'll miss you! Do as you see fit with the thing. And thank you THANK YOU for my Monkey Island! :* times a million.)

*sings a la Rod and Tod Flanders: Oh, I've got joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart. Where? Down in my heart! Who? Down in my heart!*
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