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Happy Monday! **drive by posting**

Good morning! Did everyone have a good weekend? My BFF is still here, we leave at lunch to go to the airport....

Oh, come on. Half of you are reading this to find out what the hell happened over the weekend. I'm still trying to, as well. I LOVE popping in to my email and finding out that now there are references to my post being Nazi-like?. Or maybe I'm the nazi. Or dovil is the nazi, I'm not sure. (that's the whole thread - three comments down.) Because that is a PERFECTLY REASONABLE STATEMENT when discussing writing as a hobby. On the internet. About fictional characters. REASONABLE. It's also great to find that someone can't have an honest discourse - even if it may be rough - so they get their boyfriend to call me a bitch. And an asshole. And miss the point of the post entirely. And also contradict themselves. (I'll reply to him later - I still have company.)

Look. There were people who disagreed here, sure. But they handled themselves wonderfully. Specifically? Oh, I'll toss out swmbo and sueworld2000. They disagreed, but laughed and threw their hands up in mock surrender. There was no achieving of Godwin's Law in the thread.

Lemme sum up, and if this doesn't float your boat, WHY ARE YOU HERE? Seriously. Click off that check mark on Friends List and walk away. I won't mind. REALLY. Honest and for true. Now, I feel (cough, as do many people) that no matter WHAT you write, you should write your BEST. I don't care if you are writing that Han Solo wears tutus and time-warps to LotRiPS land. HAVE AT IT. You put it out for public consumption? They'll consume. Some may spit it out. Some may lap that up. But. Those that spit it out? They aren't mean. Now, since I've already been called a bitch, I'll just go all the way here. I am the person that may spit it out, then post a notice - "this food stinks. People are spitting up. And check out how they put in licorice in this margarita! The hell?" Clearly I am Hitler. Okay, I'm only Mussolini, but that doesn't pack as much of a punch. WOW. Hitler. Nazis. It only took 376 comments to get there.

If you feel I'm a horrible person, WHY do you insist on coming over here? So, heads up folks. I'm horrible. I kick puppies, shoot old ladies, and make fun of things like "she egressed all over his audience." And "He was traveling to the district of vagina." And I'm not going to stop. I suspect a bunch of you may not, either. In a way... it's a symbiotic relationship. *waits for the leech/parasite insults to be flung at me*

Now gimmie your lunch money.

(For those of you who are being smug about how I'm not responding to "everyone?" I have a life. I was entertaining a human this weekend that wasn't made of Ones and Twos. I'll get to everyone that's posted up to this time stamp. And then y'all have at it. Because I have a LIFE. Aaaaaaaaaand I don't see myself changing my opinon. Need... coffee...)
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